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Oil Again-Energy conserving oil

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Can the Majesty use Energy consering oil.? :D
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Page 6-16 of the '05 Majesty Owners Manual states "do not use oils labeled ENERGY CONSERVING II or higher".

Guess its not recommended.

I just have to put my two cents in on this one too - especially as I have energy conserving oil in my Majesty now.
When the "energy conserving" grades came out the buzz was that they would cause clutch slippage in motorcycles using wet clutches, resulting in premature clutch failure. This was the ONLY reason we were told not to use them........
The Majesty does not have a wet clutch.........
The Majesty is a fuel injected four stroke with a wet sump oiling system and pleated paper oil filter (thank goodness, I can't believe Honda would use a metal screen "filter" for the oil in the Reflex) - except for being a single cylinder engine it is no different from any modern automobile engine all of which are fine using energy conserving oils.
I would bet good money the folks at Yamaha who write the owner's manuals were told to put a "No energy conserving oils" warning in all the manuals due to the wet clutch problem - nobody thought to omit it from the Majesty manual since the Maj doesn't have a wet clutch.
AND........to top it all off, the "energy conserving oil causing wet clutch slippage" is an urban myth according to "Motorcycle Consumer News'"
top mechanic who writes in the latest issue that he has performed over 300 dyno runs on different bikes using energy conserving oils without seeing any problems whatsoever.
I love my Majesty and plan to keep it at least ten years - and I will be using energy conserving synthetic oil in the engine and final drive. Synthetic MAY not be necessary but the Majesty uses so little oil the cost is negligible - and I plan on doing oil changes ever 2,000 miles.
If my compression falls to zero or great blue clouds of smoke start coming out my exhaust due to my failure to follow the owner's manual instructions I'll let everyone know :wink:
In terms of heat, I finally measured the oil temp. Ambient temp was in the mid-90's and I really got on the engine, doing a whole bunch of wide-open throttle accelerations, trying to get the oil as hot as possible.
As soon as I could park the bike and get a wrench I removed the oil drain bolt and measured the temp of the oil flowing out - which was only 188 degrees F - surprisingly low.
I expect the oil debate to still be going on when I am 90.... :D
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