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Oil change light.

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I thought the oil change light was supposed to come on when I went 600 miles? I went for a ride today to get to 600, even went an extra mile to get the light to come on. It didn't!!

Is it only supposed to come on for the 3000 mile changes??

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I do not recall the oil light illuminating for the 600 mile check-up. It did, however, turn on for my 3000 mile oil change.
Did you reset the light even though it didn't turn on for the 600 change? The manual say's to reset it if you do the change before the light comes on!

Since I purchased the 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty, I have been having my service done at the dealership. I would recommend calling the dealer and asking if you should reset the oil counter. Since the nominal oil changes are every 3K miles, I suspect you will not & it will light up just before the 3K oil change is due. Otherwise Yamaha would have to have a rather sophisticated program to alert you to a 600 mile check, then 3K oil change, then 4K check-up, etc.
Your best bet, though, is to call a dealership or the Yamaha customer service line.
Mine lit up. Don't know if it was exactly 600 miles. It may be
set for 1000 KM & that would be a little higher.
Mine did not come on either, but I suspect I may have accidentally reset it while fiddling with the time change and other buttons....I have over 2500 miles on her now so I'll see if it lights up at 3000. :lol:
Rather then start another thread I'll hijack this one ... :)

My wife's Majesty 250 oil change light wont reset :eek:

I've followed the hand book instructions ... turn on key hold reset button 1-5 seconds then release, wait 1-4 seconds for light to go of ... no good

Rang dealer he suggested that you need to hold for 20 seconds ... tried that no good ... tried holding it up to 30 seconds still no good

Tried holding button then turn on key no good

Anybody had this problem :?: :!:

Greg ...
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Are you holding the "reset" button ( the round button right hand side of the 3 button cluster) or the "oil change" button ( button at the bottom of the cluster in the middle!!) The oil change button is the on you should be pressing!!!

The owners manual shows the button to be more square then round. I'm not sure what it looks like on the dash, I'm not near my bike!!


My wife's 250cc has small hole in the plastic below the instrument cluster, you need thin rod to go though the plastic and you can feel the button as you push ...

Greg ...
Greg said:

My wife's 250cc has small hole in the plastic below the instrument cluster, you need thin rod to go though the plastic and you can feel the button as you push ...

Greg ...
Oops, Sorry I was thinking it was a 400! I need to read closer from now on!! :D

Well must have been holding my breath the wrong way :)

Tried again last night, this time quick 1 second push and release and it finally worked :roll:

Greg ...
Mine came on somewhere between 600 and 650. I wasn't watching it that close.
The reason the oil change light does not come on right at 600 miles, is the trigger point is actually set for 1000 km which is 624 miles. So when you reach or exceed 624 miles, it should come on. Does that make sense to everyone???? Remember, the Japanese are on the metric system.... :shock:
So my light just came on, even though I did an oil change at 9200 miles, it's now at 10,017 miles, tried holding the OIL button, nothing! OIL button and RESET, nothing! RESET THEN OIL, nothing! Now all this I did with ignition on, but kickstand up, even tried while riding, and still nothing! Was getting worried, decided to put kickstand down and hold the OIL button and then RESET and it worked! Hope this helps
The following is from page 3-27 of the service manual:

• engine oil change indicator

a. Turn the key to "ON".
b. Hold the reset button 1 pushed for two to
eight seconds.
c. Release the reset button and the engine oil
change indicator will go off.
If the engine oil is changed before the engine
oil change indicator comes on (i.e. before the
periodic engine oil change interval has been
reached), the indicator must be reset after the
engine oil change for the next periodic engine
oil change to be indicated at the correct time.
To reset the engine oil change indicator before
the periodic engine oil change interval has
been reached, follow the above procedure, but
note that the indicator will come on for 1.4 seconds
after releasing the reset button, otherwise
repeat the procedure."

It worked when I did it like it instructs to.
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