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Oil filter

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Majesty YP250 2005

Surely the expense to fit oil filter to this scooter would be minimal ...

I was surprised to find pick up screen in the sump was a bit cheap

Greg ...
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What I find ironic is that the screen is good for two oil changes according to the manual. I didn't notice that it is cheap, but I really haven't dealt with screens for a long time and don't recall any difference.

One consideration is that the Majesty motor oil doesn't share with the clutch basket and major transmission pieces like a traditional motorcycle. Perhaps that type of filter is fine for its intended usage? Yamaha certainly did a lot of research and development to build the Majesty and I would therefore be very surprised if they overlooked such a major detail.
Dollars and cents ...

No filter or the need to cast housing for it in the casing ...

Smaller oil pump ... doesn't need to pull or push oil though a filter ...

Just seems cheap for a major manufacturer to go without such a (I think) basic item ...

My Suzuki Burgman 250cc has one ... paper cartridge worth under $10.00 (Australian) where Yamaha screen is $22.00

Seeeya Greg ...
You are confusing me now ... which one is cheap?
I have a strong suspicion some of the confusion in this thread is related to an apparent ( to me anyway ) difference in equipment between the 250cc majesty and the 400. The 400 comes with BOTH a screen and a cartridge/paper oil filter, while the 250 it seems has no paper filter. What I don't understand about the whole thing is why Yamaha doesnt use the same bottom end/engine housing for both the 250cc and the 400cc. If they did the crankcase for the 400 already has oil filter capability and would upgrade the 250 to a 'real filter' status. If the bike were mine, I would tolerate the additional weight of the no doubt heavier crankcase to get a real oil filter.
A metal screen is never going to be an adequate oil filter for an internal combustion engine - it lets through metal particles that are large enough to cause damage.
A paper filter (or better yet a HEPA material filter like the Mobil 1) is essential for long engine life.
By the way, this site:
is no use for your scooter but will suggest which filter is best for your car.
is a website which explains why small metal particle removal from oil is important. A paper element will remove most 40 micron particles - that's 0.00004 of a inch, synthetic media will remove most 10 micron particles.
You can bet those holes in the metal screen filters are WAY bigger than 40 microns.

Very interesting post and information. Many thanks for that. I will be changing brands of filters for all my vehicles at the next change. The question is are those brands of filters available for our Yamahas???? And if so, has anyone found a source for them???

Thanks in advance!
as far as i know the only alternative to the stock oil filter, is one by K&N.

i dont know if any other compaines make one for the majesty 400.

Thanks. Unfortunately all those auto filters that fit cycles mentioned in the second thread are metal cannister screw-on types. For the Majesty we are limited to what Yamaha has to offer - their paper element filter.
Still, it is light-years better than the metal screen filter on a 250 Majesty or Honda Reflex.
At my first filter change I did an "autopsy" on the Yamaha filter - the oil flows from inside out, so you can cut off the paper element with a razor knife, unfold it, and I examined it with a 40X dissecting microscope.
It was surprisingly unclogged but there were plenty of tiny particles that would have gotten through a metal screen.
The first thread is good if you have a car - I was really surprised how poorly the Fram filters did. I now use Purolator Pure One's on our mini-van and car. I've posted a couple of heretical statements about Yamaha's recommended oils but really I think if you use a brand name oil and change it and the filter regularly (I'd venture at least every 3,000 miles) I think you are doing everything you can to make your Majesty's engine run a long, long time.
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Regarding the 400 having both a filter and a screen. I can't see anywhere in my manual where it mentions changing or cleaning a screen. Only the oil filter. Am I missing something?
There seems to be a strainer in the big oil drain plug on the Majesty 400.

The strainer is item #9 on this drawing. The oil filter is item #26.

The manual does not say anything about using this plug when changing the oil or cleaning this strainer.

Is anyone actually cleaning this strainer when they change the oil?
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I clean the screen every time I change the oil and have found some gasket material the first time I cleaned it and it holds about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of used oil that won't drain out other wise. It might be overkill but hey it makes me feel better knowing I'm getting all the old oil out and it only takes a few minutes more.
thanks for the new info guys.
i had no idea that there was a screen too !

says nothing about it in the owners manual !
wonder why ?

ill will be definatley cleaning the screen next time i do an oil change.

I called my dealer's service dept. and they told me that when they change the oil on the 400 they drain the oil using the larger plug with the screen. Not the smaller drain plug on the left side of the housing. He also said that a 3/4 inch six sided socket actually fits the plug better than the metric size. Thanks for posting the schematic. Is that from the "Service Manual". I saw the manual for sale for $60 on the Yamaha site. Might be nice to have.
Yamaha USA posts all of its parts manuals here :D , but not the service manuals :cry:

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