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On her Majesty's Safety Service...

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I rode to my great-aunt's retiree-only trailer park on Tuesday. She asked me about a lock for the Majesty, I admitted I didn't have one: I garage my scooter and I park it at work where security monitors the garages. She had her neighbour keep an eye on my Majesty while we went out for a few hours. :D 8) :eek:

I got to thinking, though, if she was worried about my scooter going missing at a 55-plus mobile home community, maybe I should look into a lock for the Majesty, for when I ride beyond my daily commute. What brands do you recommend?
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I had an SV650 stolen from a "secure" undergound lot.

The Majesty is in an open carport in plain view from the street, but is secured with a Kryptonite "fahgeddaboudit" lock and chain to a post. The chain is big and heavy and not really practical for travelling. The lock, on the other hand can be used without the chain as a disc lock. But put the chain away because it is valuable. Me, I leave the lock and chain locked to the post when I am away.

When I am out and about I use a Xena disc lock/alarm. Nice thing about this disc lock is that the alarm will prevent you from riding while the lock is on. But two guys with a truck who are familiar with the lock will just muffle the beeper with a hand as they drag your ride away.

Both of these locks are essentially unpickable. The Kryptonite chain is awesome.

Having lost one bike, the $300 or $350 I spent for these locks seems like an excellent investment. I'll never know if they actually deterred a thief. Available at many, many motorcycle stores. Shop for price. Probably available on-line too.
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I use a Kryptonite cable [ 30 ft. at the construction yard, 15 ft. for traveling ] plus a Krypto lock, plus a bike cover. The cover is important, as it deters prying/planning eyes.

New this year is an alarm. It will go on the red Majesty as soon as I get it...this week.
I put good joo-joo on my bike when I leave it... which is pretty rare anywhere.

It's parked behind my office at work all the time, but there are office buds coming and going all the time. They are as likely to play a prank on me and hide as anyone is to steal it.
During my last trip to the dealer, I saw the tech putting a LoJack on a Suzuki sport bike. I don't know which model of bike it was, but the LoJack device is a tiny box he mounted under the seat.
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