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On the road and in the news!!

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I was watching Fox 40 last night and they had a clip about scooters!!! They said that sales are up 25% compared to last year!! Of course with gas being 3.25 per gal. you had to figure it!! Course now that they where in the news the sales will probably go up more!!! That's fine by me, the more scooters and less cars the better!!! I think the bike that the guy was sitting on for the interview and also mentioned as being a 400cc that will go up to 90mph, was a Majesty!!!

This weekend I have seen 3 fellow scooterists. One was a Vino going down Elcamino just past the freeway. One looked to be maybe a Honda helix turning on to a side street from Marconi. The last one was on Watt Av. and Marconi. I'm not sure what it was. It was black and had one headlight, kinda looked like the Suzuki Hayabusa headlight. So it might have been a Suzuki!! Any of these sound like you???? Oh, this is in Sacramento CA.!! I would have put this in the "sightings section" but they wern't Majesty's!!!!! Wasn't sure on the rules for that sort of thing!!

Anyways, I'm really liking seeing more scooters out there!!
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We have two Yamaha dealers in my area (Ventura County, CA). One is a multi brand dealer that also sells Hondas and Suzukis. They do sell scooters, but rarely carry the majesty. They mostly carry the Silverwing's, Reflex's, and the Burgman's. Scooters only consist of about 1% of their stock, though.

The other Yamaha dealer? When I asked (about two weeks ago), the owner replied "Why would I want to sell scooters?". He was obviously not interested even when I tried to explain.

So much for scooters around here! When I purchased my Majesty, I had to travel 120 miles to find one.

I think we have a long way to go before we start seeing scooters regularly!

I am seeing more and more each day ... this is great news. At the largest shop in town the Majestys were gone while several Burgmans and Silverwings were still readily available on the showroom. This is good for Yamaha, but we need all these scoots to replace as many cars on the road as possible.

In other related news, the city of San Antonio has announced plans to allow hybrid vehicles to park for free in city controlled parking areas. The local scooter community is now putting together some communications to make it as friendly for two-wheeled vehicles to have the same benefits. Currently, the city is so blind on basic efficiencies that it tickets scooters that park together in one spot. The tide needs to turn and $3+ per gallon fuel prices might just be the unfortunate wave to do it.
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