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I've put 1400 miles on my candy-red '06 Maj here in eastern Washington. It's real common for guys in old pickups to stop me and ask me, "Where'd you get that thing?" I go to the supermarket, buy my groceries, and when I return to the parking lot, guys are standing around it, gawking. I often see baby-boomers in their cars, looking at my Maj, smiling and waving. There are gazillions of motorcycles and also smaller scooters here because the climate is so mild and dry and the roads are pretty good...so I'm not surprised that people around here would be interested in a maxi-scooter, a hybrid between a motorcycle and a small scooter, easy to ride and also nice to look at.
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This week I had 3 different people ask about the bike, who makes it, how much and what mileage. Two were women, one guy, all commuters.
I feel like I work for Yamaha sales sometimes.
A marketing-minded leader in Yamaha would figure out how we could help close some of these deals, or at least get folks to test ride, for a free oil change or something!! :D
My Majesty is the best 2 wheel investment I have ever made and I have had these bikes


Most people now ask about the mpg and how much cause they want one.
I had a car full of wanna-be-gangsters pull up to me in Hartford the other night and ask about my Burgman. "What is that bike called?", "How much are they?", "How fast do they go?".
What kind of gas mileage, and how fast will it go are the two most common questions. Got them today even on the way into work. Fellow looked shocked when I said, "I know it'll go at least 85." He said "I thought that thing was a moped." :D

Now that I think about it, two people asked me about the gas mileage. One was in the parking lot here at work when I got here.
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