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Peoria Il Checking in

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Dave Hackett checking in. I pick up my new red Majesty this afternoon. I have been riding a Stella for three years and am anxious to expand my riding radius.

I am a sexagenarian and a retired engineer.
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Hi, Dave:

I know it is Blexcroid's task, but perhaps she is busy elsewhere, so welcome. Let's see, if you picked your new ride up Friday, and it is now Saturday, you should have at least 100 miles on it, weather permitting. How do you like it?

I am a native of Chicago, and many years ago knew a Lanny Hirstein in Washington, IL. Does that name ring a bell?

Best, Dave

Thanks for the welcome. I am sorry to report that it is now Sunday afternoon and I only have 45 mi on the clock. Winds, cold weather, and the break-in requirements have inhibited me. I am really loolking forward to passing the 600 mi point. Operating my Majesty is definitely different than my Stella - but I love it. I am most impressed in the stability in the wind. When I drove it home the winds were gusting to around 40 MPH. There is no way that I would have been comfortable in those winds on my Stella.

I have lived in Washington Il since 1965 but have not run across Larry Hirstein; the phone book does show that he sitll lives here. Checking Mapquest I see I have been past his house innumerable times.
Welcome to the forum Dave. Take your time getting your mileage run up, especially if you are changing from a different ride. Every bike operates and handles slightly different, so better to be cautious and take it slow. It took me a couple months to adjust to how His Majesty handles in a stiff wind; very different than my last scoot. Coming from the Lisle/Naperville area, I'm familiar with the stiff winds in the Land of Lincoln. Just ride at your own pace and what you feel comfortable with for the conditions at hand. We look forward to seeing some stories of your journeys in the Ride Stories. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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