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Pictures from the battlefield

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Went for a ride this morning and stopped to take a few pictures at the battlefield.
This monument marks the site of Major General (US) John Sedgwich's death.

A section of the Confederate trenches. In the field ahead of you is the site of the "Bloody Angle." The fighting here was desperate, hand to hand for almost 24 hours in a driving rain. There is still a strange sadness here, after all these years, even on a bright Virginia day.

The fighting along this front was so intense that a 22 inch oak tree was cut down by small arms fire. In a day of single shot weapons this says a lot about the volumn of fire at this point.

Two guns stand guard over a silent battlefield.
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Nothing makes you think about "life" like a battle field. Never have been up to battle fields your way. They must not have problems with motorscooter riders. We will have to make that trip some time in the spring.

You're lucky to live in Virginia where you have so much Civil War history. We have friends in Mechanicsville, and visited them a few years ago. They took us around to some of the old towns and battle fields of the area. We also went to Gettysburg, Pa a year or two later and toured.

You're right about the somber mood at those places.

Some things never fade away.

Enjoyed your pictures as well.

Pikeville, Kentucky
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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