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Poor boys tour

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My wife was off doing one of her things yesterday, so about 11:00 I thought I'd go for a bike ride. I bundled up and set off to ride around the battlefields near home. There were four major battle of the "War to repel the Northern Invaders" fought around here, and all of them have charming little country roads running through them.

It was a beautiful late fall, early winter day, the sun was shinning, the temp was about 45 degrees. Which is not as warm as it sounds, or feels in the front yard.

I rode through Chancelorsville battlefield, then west to the Wilderness, and rode throught that also, stopping to read the signs the park service has up to explain the battle, to study the maps and enjoy the scenery. I even saw a deer cross the road, unusual for that time of day. It's funny. I've lived here a couple of years, and had never tourned the battlefields, and I consider myself a Civil War buff.

About an hour into the ride, I was mighty glad the Majesty has a trunk and that my snowmobile suit was in it. I stopped, and pulled it and a pair of warmer gloves out, and put them on and spent another hour or so doing twists and turns before heading back to the house.

Beat watching college football.

Maybe I'll take pictures next time.
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Sounds like a great time. Please share a few pic's from your next ride.
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