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Prioriy Maintenance Service

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When i bought my majesty in Aug, 05..i had the option of buying the Priority maintenance service...I did this and it cost me $900.00 .The contract term is for 36 months from the date of purchase and this is what i get as stated...The following services will be performed within the mileage/time intervals indicated:All services as required per owners manual up to a maximum of 3 per year,not to exceed a total of 9 services .includes all maintenance ,labor,parts and tax as inndicted in owners manual..For me this is a great deal as i ride alot and dont like mechanial work..so far after 2 services the bills would have totaled $500.00...I was just curious if others have this and glad they got it.. :D
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I also purchased the priority service agreement for my Majesty in February '05. It added approximately $900 to the cost. At first, I thought I had gotten taken, but now I'm so glad I got it. In the past year, I have had about $600 in dealer maintenance fees that were paid for by the agreement. If you are a low mileage rider, it probably doesn't make any sense. I've ridden about 4K miles this year, and it was definitely worth it.
I wish that I had purchased the priority maintenance agreement, however my dealer told me I had to choose between the 5yr unlimited mileage extended warranty OR the priority maintenance agreement-- I could not have both! It smelled very fishy to me but wasn't worth the hassle at the time. Was anybody else told this? Thanks!
We bought ours in January, and this maintenance contract was never discussed.
Tried to sell me both, but since I do my own service it would have been a waste of $$. Not a bad deal if you are not familiar with how to loosen a drain bolt and pour oil in a funnel :D ... not very much maintenance on this machine.
well theres a little more to it than that .My dealership is excellent when it comes to service and i have the security that my scoot is in top running condition..The last service was the 4,000 mile checkup..all fluids were drained and new added..so for me this is well worth the service ..
I was offered the extended warranty which I turned down but no mention of service contract.

Looking back I would have bought it since I ride my bike a lot more now with gas prices.
I bought the service contract as well, but I feel that I could probably do the work myself now that I have poked around inside the plastic parts to see how she was put together. The bad thing about the service deal is that I have to get the work done at the dealership I bought it from. The reason it's bad for me is that my dealership is new and they haven't built their service building yet (nice piece of graded land they have out there!). So, in what little space they have behind the parts department is where they currently prep and service bikes. And because of the limited space, they are backlogged and it will take 6 days to get to my scooter. I really wish I could get my money back on that deal now. If it is going to take so long, they should just call me the day before they are ready to work on it and I would drop it off when they open the next day... They better have that service building up and fully staffed before my next service!!!
When I took mine off the lot, I figured it didn't have a warranty. That was in September. I've got over 10,000 miles on it today, and haven't had a problem one.

I wrote to my dealer once about the 600 mile "check-up." I was told it cost "about" $360.00 to go over the bike to make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be, and to change the oil. I didn't see much sense in paying them again to do the job they should have done right in the first place. I figured I could check the same things they checked, and change my oil myself.
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