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Question about my Morphous

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HI all
I have a question regarding my Morphous, I have put about 500mi on it so far, all in town riding, and WOT runs between lights, runs great saw 77mph in town, I have changed all the fluids and went over the bike, new pirelli tires, I inspected the vbelt and it looked good, I did not take apart the variator and clutch though,,, today I did my first real highway run, cruises 65 - 70 with total ease, I held it WOT and saw 79, however at WOT held at 79 I noticed that it started to kind of "lurch" like it was hesitating, it was noticable like slowing and speeding up, this only ever did this WOT at max speed, what do you think this is, a belt issue? injector? Variator?,,,,,ALSO, I own a Helix as well, I know that engine is understresed and you can hold WOT all day with no issues, is the Morphous like this as well, is it designed to ride at WOT on the highway without really causing any issues to the motor?
TY all for taking the time to answer
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The Morphous has a rev limiter. You don't want to run at WOT for too long- Don't ask how I learned that.
The Morphous has a rev limiter.
you think thats why maxed out at 79 WOT is hitches? is this a CDI issue can it be resolved?,,,,,BTW did you do the 400 swap with the morph? TY
I don't know how the limiter operates, possibly programmed in the ecu. When I broke the 250, I did the 400 swap. It worked well and was easy, but I'm rebuilding the 250 to put it back in.
How come you are going back to the 250? I am really thinking of doing the 400 swap
To keep it original. Mrs Mini doesn't need the extra speed and power.
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