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Quicker Engaging Clutch

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Red Herring said:
It is plain annoying how long it takes for the clutch to fully let out. Yamaha needs to quicken the time between when the clutch first takes up at 2400 RPM and when its fully engaged.

I can cross the intersection, and the clutch is still letting out???

Might be different with lighter rollers, but I doubt it. It really affects how the bike accelerates!
try the malossi variator with 12gram weights.

it is supposed to improve the 0 - 100kph (0 - 60 mph) run by about 3 seconds or so.

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I am thinking that the vari will help with acceleration once the clutch is out, but won't make much difference untill then. It is the initial throttle I am wondering about. How to get more instantaneous oomph.
you can fit a lighter set of clutch springs, that will give you a little more "out of the hole" but you have to remember that you are dealing with a centrifical clutch, and it will never ever have the same response as a manual clutch.

yamaha (as do most scooter makers) deliberately design a slower take up, so that it doesnt scare riders, and almost eliminates the possibility of any wheel spin.

Ya, I know they designed it for nice gently take off. Lighter springs will make it engage at a lower RPM, but it will not spin the wings out any faster.

I guess the only solution is to wait for Malossi to come out with a performance clutch!
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