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Re-installing Cowling A

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I have gone through the procedure of removing and re-installing Cowling A (to remove my battery for winter and replace it in the spring). I am experiencing a problem with Cowling A re-installation.

I fit all six tabs into their places and snap Cowling A back in
place; then re-fasten it with the quick fasteners (push-pins) under
the seat. (This done with my helper holding the Cowling A in place
while I fasten the quick fasteners). But the tab on the left side
(looking at the Maj from the rear) just won't stay snapped in. It
pops out a little bit.

Cowling A stays in place when I ride the Maj but needless to say it
doesn't look right with one tab popped out a bit. I am considering
buying new quick fasteners in hopes that might solve the problem.
I'm not sure where to buy them though.

If anyone can help me with my Cowling A problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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This happened to me too. Check the top center tab in the "upper rear cover" (page 3-4 in the service manual, if you have one). The upper rear cover has the word YAMAHA painted on it. This cover has a tab in the center, it slides into a slot in the grab bar assembly. When I put it back together, I had the tab below the slot, and the left side of the cover kept popping out. Put the tab in the slot and you'll be good to go.

Ride safe,

I need to take my battery out. Do I remove CowlingA only or do I need to remove the passenger seat and the tailpiece below it?
It won't start, it's under warranty and they say to bring the battery in.
If that doesn't work they said they will come and pick it up.
Thanks, Phil

Thank you Larry for the tip about the upper centre tab/slot. My cowling A now fits snug like it's supposed to. A one-person job - easy as pie.

2005 Majesty 400 Blue

Happy to help. This forum is such a great resource.

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Happy Independence Day, USA! :D

Ride safe,

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