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Real good news.

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Hi, I got my scooter from Yamaha dealer today and Yamaha paid the whole bill. I don't have anything. They replace the battery with a new one and checked the whole electrical system out and charged me nothing for it. The one reason behind the free battery and labor is they had my scooter in there shop for over three weeks. So in the future I will uses my local Yamaha dealer for major repairs. Now I can enjoy my scooter without any worry about the battery going dead out on the road.

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Woohoo! :wav: It's nice to know that Yamaha and your dealership did the "right thing".
Great news! I can only hope I have similar good news to report after the repairs are done after my piston adventure. But I've been a good boy and always had the dealer do the maintenance on the machine so that might help decide Yamaha to foot the whole bill.
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