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Removing Majesty seat back rest

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I am 6'3'' and the backrest not being adjustable is a problem! I removed the saddle from the seat by removing (4) adjustment screws underneath.then removed backrest by unscrewing (4) nuts holding it to the seat! I then took (4) 5/16-18x1elevator bolts and put each one through a 1/4x1 1/2x1/16 rubber washer.then I put it through the seat with the bolt protruding from the back,then I put (2) 3/8 stainless steel washers on with a 5/16x18 stainless steel nut and tightened and assembled seat. what a difference more room to stretch out.
all hardware bought at lowes.

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I used drawer pull knobs to cover the holes & several washers to fill the gap. It makes it easier on my back.
THANKS for the tip !!

I'm 6'-2" and have been looking for a bit more room, esp. on longer rides...I'm going to try this, and will report back.

There's always a Corbin seat with the adj. backrest, but that's kinda big bucks for this season.

I'm planning two 500 mi. days together...this may help a lot !
OK...today I removed the seat back rest, and as Chuckie suggested, it made a substantial difference !

It was obvious when seeing the underneath that my ideas about relocating this back rest would not work. It had to go.

I rode around town, and the seating position seemed a little lower, and farther back/relaxed. I pushed my butt all the way back, and my feet seemed to stretch out more, when I lifted them into "normal"
[ 45 degree ?] road position.

When I came home, I took the seat back rest and reinserted it withour the nuts/washers, and took some measurements:

Seating position with feet flat on floorboard, butt all the way back, toes to front, front wheel straight, hands on grips:
Distance from Knee to "caution" word on caution label......with backrest: 6 ", w/o backrest: 7-1/2 "

Distance from navel to Yamaha symbol in the middle of handlebars: ...with backrest: 18", w/o backrest: 20 1/2"

So, this does make quite a difference for us tall types ! Looking forward to trying this on a road ride...50-100mi. There is no foam padding in the back of the seat curve, but this did not seem to be uncomfortable initially. But I've got a few ideas...read on...

Now, there is the issue of the holes...4 open die-cut 1/2" holes in the rear of the seat. First, a piece of thinner foam could be fastened on the outside, or pushed inside, if a couple of staples were removed underneath. The foam could be black, of a piece of vinyl fabric could be wrapped around the foam before gluing, bolting, or velcroing it on.

Another solution is the "Butt Buffer" pad www.buttbuffer.com that I have coming...this may lay over the holes just slick as anything, and be velcroed if necessary.

So far, a great improvement for almost no cost...thanks, Chuckie !!
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He used elevator bolts, I used drawer knobs to fill the holes. The advantage I found was not only from the greater length but the butt stop was hurting my back. The seat is much more comfortable now.
This is good information. Did the buttbuffer hide the holes? Which one did you buy.

What are drawer pull knobs? I am very interested in doing this as I am 6'1" and could use a little more leg room. But I am uncertain as to what hardware I would need to cover up the remaining holes. Thanks!

In the long run they did not work out. They finally pulled through the holes. I need to find something a little larger. They were simply knobs for various types of drawers that you can find at any hardware store.
Oddly, now that the seat is well worn in I no longer need them. The seatback no longer bothers me.
6'3" here - removed the backrest using black painted bolts and fender washers. It IS more comfortable. However, the bolts look like heck - they gouge you in the behind if you sit the wrong way, and there is no padding under where the buttrest went.

Right now I'm having my house fixed up and feel poor as heck (Buddy, can you spare a dime). When I get some dough, there is a custom cycle upholstery shop in town (Sargeant) - going to get the to re-upholster the driver's seat.
Unfortunately, the 2008 model has a bucket style seat. Backrest cannot be removed.

I try to compensate by putting my feet up higher on the running board when cruising and lean back a little.
I'd be curious to see if the seats are interchangeable between the years. :scratch: If so, someone who has replaced theirs may be willing to sell it . . . .
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