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Removing Rust

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A small, stiff wire brush attached to some kind of Dremmel-type drill is the most obvious solution, but does anyone have other tips for removing rust?

As you can see from a couple of the pics I posted in the gallery, the rust on my bike is really quite bad, and although I plan to get a bigger scoot at some point, I'd still like to keep it in decent condition as long as possible.
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It depends upon where the rust is located. Naval jelly and other corrosives work well, but you need to be able to neutralise them to stop them from eating good metal. I might try it on a boat or body panel on a car, but not on something like the chain of a bicycle or motorcycle. The naval jelly would be difficult to completely rinse off the chain.

The Majesty has primarily aluminum, so I don't think you'll find much rust.
Wow! That's a lot of rust. I have no suggestions but I'm very curious as to the conditions you ride in.
Perhaps, you should take this over to the BurgmanUSA forum - moderator Norman B is from the UK and understands the riding conditions better than me, and may have some words of wisdom for you.

Rubble said:
very curious as to the conditions you ride in.
Well, it's not the driest environment on earth. Rains a lot here. However, I'm covering the bike when not in use, and riding only in dry weather.

The previous owner had the bike from new, and appears to have used it almost daily. He clearly wasn't as careful about drying his bike etc. as I am.

Maybe I should have thought about this before buying, but I really wanted to get on the road, and it was the right looking bike at the right price.

I'm 99% sure the metal is sound under the rust and not in any danger of failing, but my biggest problem at the current time is trying to adjust (for example) the rear brake, when the nut and bolt are seized together. D'oh!
This site might help: https://www.theruststore.com/
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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