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Replacing Roller Weights, Variator.

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Hello All! Salutations and Greetings,

I replaced my roller weights with 8-12 gram rollers. I have read some posts on here about the difficulty of putting the variator back on with-out a special tool. I have a neat trick that will save you some cussing and most likely belt damage. No special tool involved. If you are interested I will gladly post the way I did it and the total time was approximately one hour and a half. Tupperware and all. The reason I ask is because I don't want to bother any body that already knows how to do this or has their own methods.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend all!!!

Rufus :wink:
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Do tell!!!

It's always nice to read on how others do things! Your way may be faster, easier, or even harder! But it is nice to be able to read on different ways of doing things!!!

Please do post. I am not likely to do the job until Christmas, but it will be good to get an idea of what is involved.

And of course, pictures are always nice.
Good morning,

Replacing the variator weights. The one tool you must have doing this is a 1/2 inch air impact wrench and a 24 mm socket. Everything else you need is pretty much standard fare if you have a ratchet set in SAE and metric.

Put the Maj on the center stand. Remove the air fitlter cover and air filter. Remove cowling E. Remove the variator cover. When it came to removing the aluminum cover for the actual variator I used 2-1 and 1/2 inch putty knives applying equal pressure on both sides and the cover comes off fine. Using the air impact wrench, take off the 24mm nut off of the variator hub. Do the same with the clutch carrier assymbly but leave the nut on backed out all the way but still on the hub with the nut about half way on so you have some play with the assymbly. Take off the variator and replace your roller weights. Put the primary sliding sheave with the new rollers back on, all the way, hold together tightly so the rollers stay in place, and then put the belt over the shaft. The other half of the variator, the primary fixed sheave, needs to slip back on the shaft and snuggle up to the belt. Now put an oversized washer over the variator shaft and the 24mm nut and tighten until it snugs up to the belt You should be able to roll the clutch assymbly counter clockwise. With the oversized washer over the variator shaft and the 24mm nut and with a ratchet wrench start to tighten the nut while turning the clutch assymbly counter clock wise. Do this until the belt is seated in the variator housing. Tighten the clutch assymbly nut with the impact wrench. Remove the variator nut and over sized washer for the variator shaft and put the nut back on and tighten with the air impact wrench.

Start the Maj and release the hand brake and give it some juice to see that the belt is seated properly. Put everything back together in reverse.

This worked just fine for me. I was able to do this in an hour and a half about. If you are not comfortable with your skills then don't attempt this upgrade yourself. I think a majority of owners could do this one though. It's a little hard but not that bad. Just common sense and some patience.

I am really enjoying the new roller weights. Quicker off the line. And my mpg's have not been affected one bit. One warning though with the new roller weights. Be careful when turning and giving it the gas. The Maj wants to slide out from under you. Changing the roller weights really does give the Maj a lot more punch from the start. Fun !!!!!

I hope this helps the shade tree mechanics out here. If you have any questions or get hung up on any of the steps you may reach me by e-mail @ [email protected].

Be safe and enjoy your Sunday,

Rufus :wink:
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Thanks for the write up! I have some new rollers just waiting to go in... if I can find the time! Might have to beg off from the home renos for a 1/2 day, and just get it done!
Save your money and buy the Malossi variator instead. I installed the weights for 12.5 grams and took them out 3 days later. If your driving is in town they would be fine, if you drive mostly on the highway the RPMs are high and it will kill your gas mileage. see my other posts at
http://majestyusa.com/forums/viewtopic. ... 8&start=75
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