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RIDE COMPLETED:Scooters only Saddlesore 1000, Southwestrn BC

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This is just an idea right now, but I'm running it up the proverbial flagpole:

On July 8, the sun rises in Vancouver at 5:20, and sets at 9:20.

I am proposing that we get as many Majesties, Burgmans, Silver Wings, Reflexes, Atlantics, X9s, etc as we can find. Gather at a meeting point in Vancouver from 5:30 to 6:00 am. Head north on the Sea to Sky Highway and Duffy Lake Road (Hwy 99) to Clinton; north on Hwy 97 to Prince George; southeast on the Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16) to Valemount; south on the Yellowhead South and Coquihalla Highways (Hwy 5) to Kamloops, Merrit and Hope, and west on the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) back to Vancouver. Ideally, we would get to Hope at sunset, and back to Vancouver at about midnight.

It would be a long day, of course. The best riding would be in the early morning - the Duffy Lake Road has some serious climbs and great corners. The entire trip is very scenic - mountain passes, high cattle country, spectacular valleys. The final stretch - 225 miles from Kamloops to Vancouver is on freeway - scenic freeway. By the time we get to Kamloops, we will be glad to see freeway, I can assure you.

I have plenty of floor space for out-of-towners to sleep before and after. I can assure you that you will sleep after the ride.

We would arrange witnesses, and earn the Iron Butt Association's Saddlesore 1000 (or Saddlesore 1600 km) certificates. Not many scooters have Iron Butt license plate frames. You could be one of very few.

For Iron Butt information, see these links.

Home Page: http://www.ironbutt.com/about/default.cfm
SS1000 Rules: http://www.ironbutt.com/ridecerts/getdo ... fm?DocID=1
List of all the people and bikes that have completed Iron Butt rides: http://www.ironbutt.com/rides/rideslogin.cfm (look for me under July 9 2005)

Over the next few days, I will be posting this on other forums.
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Ron, I know the whole route extremely well and would love to do that ride! Long day - yes! Spectacular scenery - most definitely, on the entire route.
You can count me in!
I've got friends in Squamish, Pemberton, Lillooet, Clinton, Williams Lake, Prince George, Kamloops, Merrit and Hope. I'm sure with very little effort I could round up witnesses and food/drink/support in any of the places.

The only hold back for me is I don't have my scooter yet but have decided (finally!) that a Majesty shall be mine in the early spring.

The route:

Your license plate could be adorned with one of these:

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Aaawww, Baby! :twisted:
Gotta train Mr. Buttafkuckah then :cry:
We be one SORE :( group at the end of the day :cry:
albeit, a sore butt VICTORIOUS group :twisted: :twisted:

Hoorahh, drill sergeant! I'm in!
RonStewart said:
Head north on the Sea to Sky Highway and Duffy Lake Road (Hwy 99)
In the December issue of Road Runner magazine Robert Smith who is an extremely well travelled motorcycle journalist had this to say: "The road from Silverton to Ouray is one of only three I've wanted instantly to go back and ride again (Wyomings Bear Tooth Pass and British Columbia's Duffey Lake Road are the others".

For those who have never experienced the roads on the proposed route, the comment gives a little perspective into the incredibly spectacular journey that this will be.

What a ride! Did you do yours on a scooter or motorcycle. Either way, very impressive. Would be too sore to even try such a ride where your proposed route is. Hopefully many closer will join in. Keep us informed. Perhaps some regional road trips at or about the same time could be done in different areas¿ :idea:

....YEAH. :compress:
I am now thinking of pushing it back a week to the 16th. I like to go to the NW EAA Fly-In, which is on the earlier weekend in Arlington WA.

I did the SS1K last summer on my BMW R1150RT. Rode to the USGP solo. I don't ride with that plate back on the scooter - it was just there for illustrative purposes.

I have opinions from three long-haul riders whom I respect that this trip is too long, so I have cancelled it. Now I want to do two rides:

1. On July 15, a trip suggested by Tim Ma at burgmanusa. From Vancouver through Whistler, Duffy Lake road up #99 to Lilloett and then down Marble canyon (#12) and then Boston bar and then down the Fraser Cayon road into Vancouver.

2. A SS1000 attempt, mostly on Interstate highways in Washington, Idaho and Oregon on April 29.

I am going to open two new threads for these. I have a new forum for specifics on the endurance run here.
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April 29th is definitely out for me. At this point July 15th is perfect, but my schedule may be changing as of June 1st. I'll keep you posted.

How's May 6?
Sorry Ron, but May 6 won't work either. At this point July 15th appears to be the only free time I have (that's not already spoken for) till mid September.
I'd be interested in the BC leg for sure. I'd have to think about the WA leg; I've driven every road on there about a thousand times and don't know if I can take I90 west out of Spokane again. I'd fall asleep for sure...
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