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Riding Gear and Mileage

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I just finished a 130 mile local ride to Williamsburg and back and the bike did fine though it was in the 60's for temp. I ride with jeans and not leathers and my ankles used to get cold so I made some gaiters out of naugahyde and velcro that are about 14" high to block the wind over the pants and ankles.

What do you do to keep your ankles warm on longer rides?

The mpg on the bike for the trip to Williamsburg and back was 58.3 mpg and I pushed the bike harder away from stop signs and at times up hills than I normally would at 58-70 mph speeds during the ride with 124 other big road bikes as part of a STAR ride put on by a chapter and the dealer.

They all rode with leathers for the most part...chaps...but I sorta feel silly with a scooter doing that and can't find ankle gaiters made out of leather on the internet so far to buy.

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Try these guys. I've seen them in person....excellent product. I think it's exactly what you're looking for.

Those are pretty slick looking. I like them! :thumbright:
Boots. Real, honest-to-gosh motorcycling boots like those from Oxtar or Sidi.

I strongly, strongly suggest that you forget image and think protection when choosing your riding wear. Get good armoured textile riding gear. You can get waterproof if you want. Make sure that it is breathable. Aerostitch makes some of the best stuff. I use BMW brand.

Running shoes, a nice lightweight jacket and an open-face helmet is a request for misery.
My very own sentiments, Ron. I couldn't have said it better!


RonStewart said:
Boots. Real, honest-to-gosh motorcycling boots like those from Oxtar or Sidi.

Running shoes, a nice lightweight jacket and an open-face helmet is a request for misery.
Glad I didn't post the pic of sandals, shorts and short sleeves today...
I currently ride with inadequate protection and I know it. I recently ordered Joe Rocket pants and jacket, all textile with padding and also a pair of JR gloves. These should be an adequate replacement for the clothing I currently wear, mentioned below. My hope is that my Joe Rocket selections will be adequate for all weather conditions...

Current clothing is khaki pants, shirt with textile jacket with no padding, leather gloves, and HiTec boots, an over the ankle leather boot that works as a workboot and motorcycle footwear. They are comfortable, water resistant and have saved me from more serious injury already. I currently use a full face DOT/SNELL approved helmet.

Even though I am a conservative rider, I realize I am at risk and roll the dice everyday I ride. I finally have become uncomfortable with that risk and have taken steps to help me survive should I be involved in an accident.
I wear a First Gear jacket nylon riding jacket, leather gloves, (I've got several pair, depending on the circumstances) and a full face Bell Helmet. For boots I wear Rocky steel toed work boots.

And I wear jeans. I know that "motorcycle" pants would be safer, but sometimes you gotta make a compromise, and that's mine.

In cool to cold weather I wear a snowmobile suit over everything. Once it's too warm for that, I don't have trouble with cold ankles. Over the calf socks should help, but not be too warm when you stop riding.
I also bought a textile jacket with armour but on hot days, it is still too hot. If you are hot, sweaty and not alert, you are more likely to make a bad judgement or miss something you should've seen, much like being too cold.

A friend told me she never rides without full leather, in 90 degree heat, I think that's crazy, especially with the humidity here on the east coast. You can't be alert if you are cooking.

Until I can buy heated clothing, I also won't ride below 45. Just too cold and alertness suffers.

Just my personal opinion. I'd rather not go down if I can miss a situation I can avoid.
If you must, take the padding out of your jacket. At least you'll still have abrasion resistance in the heat.
I wear an Acerbis Matrix Touring Jacket year round (highly recommended). I wear regular jeans and also Icon motorcycle jeans with 14 oz denim. I sometimes wear sneakers in lieu of my boots :shock:. I have a 3/4 DOT/Snell Helmet with face shield and leather/textile gloves with gel padding.

I also have a Yamaha Star perforated leather/textile jacket that I got when I first bought the bike. It's got pads and all, but just doesn't feel as safe as the Acerbis.

God Bless! :wink:
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