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Road trip from Oklahoma to NM

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I rode my Majesty 1100 miles in 3 days going from Oklahoma to New Mexico this past July. My boyfriend rode with on his V Star 650. It was a great ride and ended all too soon. The boyfriend kinda slowed me down because his butt hurt or he needed gas every fifteen minutes (or so it felt like, LOL). but he is worth waiting on.

As we crossed the Oklahoma border we were on boon dock roads with NO gas station in sight. Boyfriend was already running on reserve and I had 1/2 tank of gas. I told him to quit worrying if we ran out of gas we could siphen some from the Majesty to put in his bike. He said he didn't like the taste of gas. Well if your sitting on the side of the road you dont' have a choice. Fortunately he didn't run out of gas before we found a gas station. I'm not sure how easy/hard it would be to siphon gas from the Majesty, not like you can just unhook the gas line like you can on motorcycles. HMMM???

The ride was great and the Majesty rode like a dream. Plenty of cargo space, butt didn't hurt, and it was FUN!! Everytime we stopped I always got one comment or two. My favorite one though is "That looks like a scooter", LOL - maybe that's because it is a scooter. My second favorite was "I ride a Road King". Of course you do, that's why it is in the garage on such a beautiful summer day.

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I'm missing those summer days already!!! It's gonna be a LONG winter, I think. But, I will take short rides from time to time. Tonight, for instance, I'm gonna ride to the pet store to pick up some food for my pooch. It's about 2 miles, but hey, I get to ride.

God Bless. :wink:
Great story Jodi. Your Road King comment almost covered my keyboard in coffee!


I like the folks that say stuff like that...makes me wonder why they arent on it, right??? I ride mine almost everywhere I go. I have a car but it costs too much to drive it every day. The bike suits my style, when I am on my game it handles better than most cars I have ever owned and is quicker too. So, if it is less expensive to operate, is fun to drive/ride, why not take it everywhere???? I draw the line if it is pouring down rain...used to do that stuff when I rode a bicycle 20 miles round trip to work, and I decided I didnt really need to, so why take the chance?
On the other hand, if I get caught in the rain, I continue to my destination as planned, unless it is going to the carwash...not much point doing that in the rain huh? :)

So my hat is off to you for your long journey....I cant do that until I figure out how to make my butt survive, but I sure want to. Cant wait till I can do a longish ride like that. I bet you were tired though...you must have covered about 400 miles/day and that is a lot. Congrats!!!!
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