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Saeng Micro-Strip Trim

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From what I have read the Saeng Micro-Strip Trim (not the edging, the adhesive trim which is NOT refundable) raises the helmet buffting 2").
But you have to order 3' plus shipping. I am (measured by a doctor).
6'3 1/2". The Laminar Lip helped a lot - wind blast is eyebrow height now. I would like to order the Saeng Micro-Strip trip but it is $12.95 a foot, minimum order 3 feet. I need one foot, max 1.5 feet. If anyone wants to go halves on the Micro - Trim edging let me know. The edging will NOT go around corners, unlike the trim.
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Yes, I have used the adhesive trim on 2 windshields.

About a 2" lift.
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