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Scooter sighting in WEBSTER/LEAGUE CITY, Texas

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T'was a couple weeks before Christmas
As lunch time drew nigh
I spied a red scooter
Parked outside of Fry's

I looked right and left
And saw no one around
So I carefully walked up
Not making a sound.

The scooter said Reflex
I didn't mind, though
They're a fellow scooterist
With two wheels on the road.

I looked at their ride
A very nice red
With a helmet attached
They have a smart head!

The day was quite pretty
December the 4th
With much warmer weather
Than y'all have up north.

So, I left them a note
And gave them our URL
In hopes that they sign in
And give us a whirl.

If you do see this note
Please give us a post
You're quite welcome here
To you, here's a toast! :thumbright:

I hope you enjoy this
(I think that you might)
Happy Christmas to all
And to all scooterists, good night!!! :santa:
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Bravo! Very clever, I liked it a lot. :D
Very nice!! I also liked it!!

It did give me an idea too! I'm going make some business cards with all my favorite forum urls!! That way I can leave them on scooters I see! When and if I ever see any parked!! Only dilema would be where to put the card? No windshield wipersw!!!! I can also hand them to scooterists going down the road, at red lights you know!!
I placed the note on the seat, tucked slightly under the butt bumper to prevent the wind from blowing it off. I plan to make some cards myself, probably 3"x5" so they're not so small they get missed. Just don't make them using an ink jet printer. A little rain, fog, or dew will make the colours run! :happy10: Whilst it looks quite 60's, it isn't readable!
I guess for alittle more money I could by some of that no heat lamination stuff! That way it would stay dry!! All I have is an inkjet!!! Oh heck, the chanses of me seeing one in the rain is really slim!! :D
:lol: Well written!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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