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Would you believe it? 520 miles, and already, I have a screw right in the middle of the rear tire! Slow leak, about 2 psi daily. Any suggestions?? Most have said replace it, but since I live in new community with new houses still going up, I feel the $108 for a new tire (excluding labor) would be useless...
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being a tubeless tire, you can very safely have it repaired.

have your local dealer fit a patch inside the tire, and it's almost garanteed not to leak again for the life of the tire (excluding another puncture !)

if they will not do this, take the wheel off and go to any auto tire place. they should ba able to fix it easily enough.

Or just go to Walmart and buy some stringy worms [under $10].

Use the tool to ream out the hole, them use the other tool to insert a glue covered string. Clip off the excess and ride. Check the pressure for a few days to make sure you got the hole plugged.

I've used these in car and bike tires for years with no ill effects.
that is also an option, but the stringy type repairs are only supposed to be temporary.

in oz, it's now illegal for the trye repair shops to use this type of repair.
all repairs have to by law be the internal ones.
that's just here, it's probably different in the usa.

The Yamaha dealer would only do a stringy repair, from the outside. And I had to sign a waiver for that. He seems to think I won't have any problems... how difficult is it to remove the rear wheel? I am a Saturday mechanic, but I have never worked on a bike before. I'd really like to take the wheel off and have it repaired the correct way. Thanks!
Removing the wheel from the bike is not difficult. Removing & replacing the tire can be. You can save quite a bit by taking the wheel off the bike & then have them do the rest.
I did this the last time I had to replace a fork seal on my motorcycle
& saved a big part of the cost.
i myself have not removed the rear wheel, but as it's shaft driven, it should not be that hard to do.

you will have to remove the exhaust first, i think. someone correct me if im wrong here.

if you have to remopve the pipe, make sure you have a new flange gasget on hand for re-assembly.

I would NOT depend on a plug to safely repair the tire, except as a temporary measure to enable you to get to a facility to replace the tire. Your life depends on 2 small tire contact patches, and the recommendations of nearly everyone in the motorcycle service business is to replace rather than patch.

Your life is worth the cost of the replacement tire!
Exactly what Ron said.

I plugged one myself weeks ago. It's working fine. It's just "temporary" though. I'll replace the tire one of these days.
Look into www.ride-on.com tyre product.

And, count your luck...replace that tyre!
As for plugs, check out www,safetyseal.com

I have used these on construction equipment, various light trucks, and even the sidewall of my wife's michelin tyre on her Honda Accord - tested at over 90mph.

I would not hesitate to use one of these on my bike. Now for the bad news...the kit costs $50. But they DO work.

For the day-to-day, I just ride with the ride-on in the tryes. For trips, I carry several Safety-Seal ropes and tools, plus an Air-Man Sparrow mini compressor. It hooks right onto the Battery Tender pigtail, using the B/Tender alligator clips.
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