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seat, mirrors, kick stand instrument panel

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Front of seat needs to be redesigned so our feet can reach
the ground.
The mirrors need to be designed so you can see behind you
& not just off to the side.
The kickstand needs to be more stable. It has folded on me twice & I
just barely caught the bike.
Biggest gripe is the visability of the instrument panel. It is very
often impossible to see in the daylight.
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The only one of those problems I have is the mirrors. I'm a wide body and they need to reach out more.

I'll add another one. It is a struggle to get the bike on the center stand for me. I'm 6' and almost 300 lbs. If it's hard for me, I would think it's hard for others too.
Wow, I'm only 5'10' and weigh roughly 175. I have no problems!! I put it on the side stand to get off of it. Then I put my left hand on the handle bar grip and my right foot on the centerstand, and my right hand holds on to the rear sissy bar thingy(can't think of it's name!!) then just stand up on my right foot with all my weight and the bike goes up no problems!!

From experience on a motorcycle (suzuki intruder and savage both),
the mirrors on the Yamaha are much better. If you just angle the right mirror toward you a little more, you can get a full view in back of you. I'm not so little either. It does work, just keep playing. It took me all of 5 minutes. After the suzukis taking almost a month and still was never happy,.

I had a Kawasaki 250 as my first bike 26 years ago. Could never get that bugger on center stand and it was a light weight. Here the salesman shows me a different way and I can get the Majesty on it in a minute and its 150 pounds heavier.

I always just tried to push with my knees to get the dumb stand to go up. This guy tells me to kinda act like you are going up a stair, put your full weight on it and up it goes. Just use your weight to lift it. Trying to just push with your leg is futile unless your a body builder.
Don't use force to use the centerstand, and don't use the kickstand anymore. :) The kickstand is designed to use in a pinch, but the center stand is 'forever'. Use the force of your leg to push down on the center stand, and with your right hand, guide the scoot backwards. This one is even easier than my old 84 Yamaha Riva 180. :)
I always use the kick stand but always set the parking brake before getting off..never had a problem ..And never had a problem using the center stand either..my weight is 165 lbs
Apparently my center stand was just stiff. It actually works now.
I haven't had a problem with any of these complaints. With the side stand you should always use the parking brake. I use polarized sun glasses which usually make LCD displays dark but I have no problem with the Majesties. Once you learn the trick the center stand is very easy to use.
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