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Sheave use mark

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I seem to get the revs (upto 7500) but lack power on up hills.
I marked the Sheave with a black marker and it seems the belt does not go to the top of the sheave - see pic.- it seems to stop about 1/2" short from the rim
What is normal travel?
Thanks for the help.
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There appears to be a pretty good size ridge where the belt has been riding. That could prevent the belt from riding further up. Make sure that it is assembled correctly. There may be something preventing the sheave from closing properly.
A lot of people ran 13s, but I found them too 'buzzy', especially on the interstate. I liked 14's a lot. Not much difference off of the line-but it was slightly quicker, but the mid range pulled a lot better without losing the top end.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts