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(Snicker) You rode your "scooter?" How cute.

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I rode my Majesty to work the other day. (Sunday morning) It was 26 degrees when I left the house, and as I've stated work is 80 miles away. The ride went off without incident, and I parked in the parking lot and went on into the plant.

Realizing I had forgotten something I went back to the parking lot, just as one of the "Harley-Guys" pulled up in his automobile. He rolled the window down and laughed, and said "I'll bet it was cold riding in this morning."

I said, "It wasn't too bad, until the last 15-20 miles or so."

He looked at me like I was from Mars. "How far away do you live?"

I replied "Oh, about 80 miles or so. Maybe a bit less."

His jaw dropped. "You rode that thing EIGHTY miles this morning?"

"Yep. Nothing to it."

He rolled his window back up and stayed in the car until I left. :D
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I'll bet the Harley rider waited till you went inside so he could have a really good look at the scooter!
That's great! Warmed my heart, but doubt if it did anything for your hands. :lol:
That's a great story. Reminds of how I read once it's amazing how many people you see DRIVING cars and trucks with "Harley" stickers on them on nice sunny days.
It's Bike Week in Daytona Beach now, which is 100 miles south of me.
I'm having fun keeping up with, and passing Harleys on the highway.
I used to drive 50 miles to work one way. After having my Burgman for approx a month. One of the guys asked me if it was a pain to drive all the way to work in the breakdown lane. I replied "huh?"

He said "What does that thing do? 25 mph max?

I laughed and said "110 mph with a head wind".

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