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SOLD!! - New price on 2006 Majesty

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I'm lowering the asking price on my 2006 red Majesty to $4900. It's only 4 months old and has 1200 miles on it. I really need to sell it soon. I had two people look at it the other day, but they hadn't done their homework. Didn't seem to even know what they were looking at.[/b]
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Hey kmoto,

I'm not exactly near you but I might be interested in talking with you. Let me know. 8)
I'm here during the week. This is my work computer. I don't have one at home. I really need to sell my Maj soon. About ready to get desperate. Hate to give it up, but need to get out of debt soon.

I'm wondering if it's safe to put our phone numbers on a site like this?

Have you ridden a maxi-scoot? The Maj handles really well. I've been doing some of the best twisty roads in Southern Arizona (Mt. Lemmon Highway near Tucson & Arivaca Road close to Mexico) and I can go almost as fast on the Maj as I used to go on my Buell XB9S.
kmotomusic said:
I'm wondering if it's safe to put our phone numbers on a site like this?
hey, guys, if your worried about phone #'s etc, you should just send each other a few PM's (private messages) only the person that's intended to see the message can read it.

Price lowered again. More in line with Kelley Blue Book. $4600 including Dowco Guardian cover. You can see a photo in my ad on scootertrap.com.
My Majesty has been sold. Thank you. I'll miss her. I told people when I got the scooter that "It's like driving a car with no doors or roof." Then later I said "It's kind of like a carnival ride that you control, and that goes really fast." I really like this forum. Thanks for putting up with me.
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