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Spotted in a parking stall at my friend's apartment building

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February 11, 2006:
A 2006 red Yamaha Majesty, so fresh it had temporarily plates. So beautiful, made me feel a little inadequate for having the 2005 charcoal silver model.
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That red is a gorgeous color. When it's time for me to buy in a couple of months I'll get the red unless I find a deal I can't resist on a discounted new '05.

Hope you left a little note with the URL for the site. . . . 8)

Resale-red is a neat colour, but not as fast and sexy as the Galaxy Blue Majestys! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I don't care how fast I go, as long as I look good going that fast. Thus, blue.
Besides, in red, someone could mistake it for a Burgman. Never a good thing ;)
I should carry post-it notes with me to stick on other Majesties' windshields: one with the MajestyUSA.com URL, and another with my e-mail address with "wanna ride?" I do ride with local scooter groups, feeling like Will Ferrell among the elves, and the maxi-scooterists won't be hitting the roads en masse until May. :roll: When I see pairs or larger groups of motorcyclists on the road I get pangs for group rides at 50mph+.

I love the red. I wrestled with my impatience for the 2006 models to reach these shores and caved in to my immediate scooter gratification. Say what you will about the Burgmans, I think the red ones are pretty -- one parks in the motorcycle section along with my Majesty. I know I made an educated and excellent choice, I just should have waited for the red...
Resale-red is a neat colour, but not as fast and sexy as the Galaxy Blue Majestys!
Bring your butt to Arkansas lets put this red versus blue to the test for speed!! Held mine to the red line long enough to see 112 mph !! ( do not try this at home)
The reds are pretty & they are so much easier for the cops to notice.
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