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Stalled this morning

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I have 350 miles on my new Maj, and I was pulling through the parking lot at work after my nine mile commute... I was going around a corner, slowing down... and poof. Stall.

Now that could be really dangerous. What did people do about this?
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There apparently is a new engine module that has been released. Several of us have experienced the stalling and the new engine mode apparently cures the problem. I think it is covered under warranty. Best to ask your dealer.
http://majestyusa.com/forums/viewtopic. ... hlight=ecu

there is a thread all about this above.

As dangerous as this could be, shouldn't this be reported to someone?
yamaha is fully aware of the existance of the problem.

they replaced my ecu under warranty, and solved the stalling issue completely.

Here in the states, Jason, when there is a safety issue with a vehicle, it gets reported to NHSTA, who may require a recall depending on the issue, and the preponderance of the problem.

With a safety issue, it's sometimes better to issue a recall, take care of the problem, rather than having riders discovering the issue... the hard way.
i see.

the thing is that this stalling issue is affecting such a small portion of owners, that from yamaha's perspective it's probably not worth recalling all of them.

yamaha has probably decided to fix the issue case by case.

as soon as i reported the problem to my dealer, they were straight on the phone to yamaha oz, and had a fix for me in just a few days.

it has not stalled once since the replacement, and that's over 4 months ago now, and some 6000 km's or so.

I wonder what percentage really are affected... how do we know? Anecdotally, the issue seems kind of prevalent.

I was going to do the first service myself, but I may just take it in and bring up the stalling also.
im both of the forums that i regularly visit, i have only heard of about 4 others with the problem.

i suppose, given that not every majesty owner posts (or even knows of the existance of the groups) i guess it would be nearly impossible to guess exactly.
Let's do a poll!!!! I'll start a new thread for the poll. I don't know how to add it to this one!!!
Thanks Kim for thinking of the poll! I think statistics may help us and Yamaha understand the magnitude of the problem. I don't think their corporate office hears about all the stalling cases or they probably would issue a recall or 'recommended repair'.

I also am wondering if the engine module that causes the stalling also could be hosing the mileage (MPG).
That is:
Bad Module = stalling & poor MPG
Failing Module = bad MPG, but no stalling yet
OK Module = good MPG

Just a thought. . . . :dontknow:

FYI - I have had good mileage initially, then it degreaded, then it started stalling. Anyone else?
no, mine was good mpg, but stalling.

no change in mpg after the change of the ecu.

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