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Stereo install this weekend (hopefully)

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hi all.

just thought i would let everyone know that im planning to do the stereo installation this weekend. i will post pix and results here once it's done.

for anyone that's interested, the head unit that i bought is a JVC KD-LH915

the reason i bought this unit is because of it's ability to play mp3's and wma's from SD cards. (as well as cd's) if there are no moving parts (playing from the SD card) then i figure it can't possibly skip.

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I would really be interested in photos, especially if they are step by step photos!!!! I'm thinking about adding a radio but have no clue on how to!!

I have a stereo like that in my VW bus. It has a usb port though! It works great and you can hold a lot of music on those little usb storage thingies!!!!

Looking forward to you photos!!
i will be taking as many pics as possible during the install.

i have got it all pictured in my head how it's all gonna go, just hope the reality works out the same!

it's all finished now, and i can report that it works great!

i have posted new pics in the gallery.
don't hesitate to ask any questions about the install or wiring.

I don't see speakers.
that would be because there arent any !.

the stereo is hooked into the autocom system.
as is my cell phone ,UHF 2 way radio (for bike to bike chat) and GPS.

if the phone rings while im riding listening to music, the stereo is muted before the phone picks up. and the clarity of the system is such that even at 80 MPH a caller can't tell that im riding unless i tell them !

there is zero wind blast at all. that's why i love the autocom systems so much, their versatility. you can configure them almost any way that you want.


i would love to know how the heck they got the head unit in there !
i tried to get it to fit there, and there was no way it was gonna even go
close to fitting in.

would have loved to put mine in that location. wouldnt have to have given
up any of the under seat space.

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May seem stupid, but what is an autocom system.

Up on the two corners of the dashboard, it looks like space for speakers. Or are these just airvents? Anyone know?
the holes in the dash, are indeed for the speakers.
i have seen many pics of japanese majesties with speakers in that location.

the autocom is a motorcycle specific communication system.
it can be adapted to suit your specific needs, with inputs for stereo's,
ipod's, gps systems, bike to bike radio's, cell phones etc etc...


ther aren't cheap, but imo are the best on the market.

i bought and installed an ipod adaptor today !

now i can have every song i own with me !
yay :D :D :D


it's a little (4" x 2" x 3") black box that connects to the head unit, and the
other end plugs into the dock port on the ipod.

all ipod functions are controlled from the head unit and the remote.
track / album and artist names are displayed on the head unit.

cost about $100 US ($130 AU).

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