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Stop for a Second!

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Why does the Majesty 400 get dual disc brakes up front in other countries while the American market still gets only one ... even after two years? Is there some demographics reasoning behind this?
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My Guess.
1; US $ value is so bad there is no incentive to give us more for our money and less profit.
2; US scooter are 2nd rate motorcycles and sales #s would'nt change one bit so again less profit.
3; Stopping distances are very small on a 400lb scooter with one or two disks see CMG test http://www.cmgonline.com/bikes/articles ... ndex2.html
4; no one ever complained about the brakes untill we found the duals were supplied elsewhere in more competitive markets.
Unfortunately, that makes plenty of sense (and cents) :cry:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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