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Surprising ride on Majesty by Silverwing rider

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This past weekend I went on a scooter tour of 411 miles from Austin, Texas into the hill country going through Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Medina, Bandera, Leaky, Vanderpool, etc. I normally ride my Silverwing for such a trip but this time rode the 05 Majesty. It was the smallest bike in the group of 3 Silverwings, 2 650 Burgmans, and 1 Scarabeo 500.
Surprisingly the Majesty gave a slightly more comfortable ride that my Silverwing (bumps and hash in the road). Also the characteristic sound of the engine and consequent vibration through the grips was pleasing and not so annoying as the Silverwing often is at higher speeds. The hairpin turns on the Devil's Backbone were a serious challenge the first time through but the second time back through the mountain ridge judicious use of countersteer caused the trip to be much faster. I filled up two times with mileage at 60, and then 61 mpg. All in all I was quite impressed and would have no qualms about taking longer trips. I had only one grip about the Majesty. I tried to adjust the seat and one of the seat bolts would not extract (it would turn but just wouldn't come out to allow any seat adjustment). Seems like a mechanic will have to drill the bolt out unless someone can suggest another alternative.
Just as a footnote, I am making the post mainly to document the unexpected ability of the Majesty. I had been anticipating selling it, but now am feeling that sometimes less is more if the less is adequate to your purpose. For example 1)less gas consumed, 2) less weight to throw around cornors, 3) less maintenance costs.
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Thank you for that post. I have taken a few longer trips, two up with the wife and a full trunk with "Madge" on several occasions with no hiccups. The rides were almost always enjoyable (except when we got caught in a rain storm once). This bike, for a 400cc, continues to impress me (even though it's my first two wheeler). :wink:
im heading off on a trip in about 3 months. it will be 2000km round trip (about 1200Mi).

im really looking foward to it. ill be taking pics along the way.
riding from sydney to brisbane and back again over a 9 day period, with most of the riding happening over two days at each end of the trip.

cant wait.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comparison of the Silver Wing to the Majesty. After extensive research and years of riding experience, I chose the Majesty. Coming off of big bikes, I seriously considered the Silver Wing. I liked its sleek design unlike the Burgman 650 (reminded me more of a Gold Wing) and of course 600cc was closer to 1300cc…. I was afforded two weeks of commuting on the Burgman 400. It settled that fact that less is more than sufficient and I found it was surprisingly a pleasure to ride. The ability to easily maneuver in traffic, plenty of power when you need it and a smooth simple ride proved to me that scooters are the way to go. The final deciding factors were much like you stated with 1) less gas consumed, 2) less weight to throw around corners, 3) less maintenance costs. I also found less insurance rates between 400 and 600cc's. So far, I am extremely happy with the choice I made and look forward to many miles ahead in the pure enjoyment of the open road. Thanks again for sharing.
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