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Hi All,

I am super happy to see a Majesty site with this great format. I live in San Antonio, TX and bought my Majesty in January of 2005. Since then I have had nothing but great things to say about the machine and look forward to sharing things I have learned and learning from others. While many motorcyclists are putting their machines away for the winter, Texans consider this just fine riding weather (mostly). I do ride the Majesty much more than my FZ1 when it is colder, like below 50 degrees ... the big windshield and broad front body work really help cut down on the shiver factor.

I have been a regular on burgmanusa.com, but am thrilled to see this site, too. A lot more Majesty info is always welcome. I have been riding scoots and motorcycles since I was a kid. I use the Majesty mostly for running errands, but I have found it very nice for touring around to the coast or even cutting through tight twisty roads. These big scoots rock!
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Glad you could make it! Welcome. :D
Howdy & welcome along from Houston! It's great to hear from some fellow Texans who also enjoy the year 'round riding. Hopefully this spring we can have a super scooter rally in San Antonio or Austin (as long as it's not Hippie Hollow);-) !
Sounds like a plan! I am always up for a good ride. I cruise down to the coast a lot since my brother has a sailboat at Palacios, but haven't made it all the way to Houston yet.

I doubt the hippies would ride these super scoots.
texascycle said:
I doubt the hippies would ride these super scoots.
Those T-Sips at Hippie Hollow are more into their, well, you know... ;-)

We can meet part way and then scoot up to Cut-n-Shoot and Pinwheel can joint us on her beautiful scoot!

(Yes Pinwheel, I am believing that you will be healthy and will have the scoot of your dreams!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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