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The Best kept Majesty SECRET ever?

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Ok, This is a re-post... but I haven't seen it on this site. This has truly got to be the greatest tip ever, and no one seems to know about it.
I found this over on the Majesty Yahoo Group. This is what happens when you buy TWO Majesty's... you learn that it's possible to adjust the handlebars. Get Outta Here, you say? No, read on:

For those wishing their handlebars were slightly further forward or
backward, there is a very easy way to do this. I discovered it by
accident after I got my 2nd Majesty. I noticed that the handlebars
were much further forward on the first one.

Most bikes with handlebar covers have very limited, if any, adjustment
fore and aft, but not so the Majesty.

By removing the top cover, (4 hex-head screws hold it on. 2 on the
bottom, near the handgrips, and 2 near the steering head.

Note that the screws are 2 different lengths, the longest ones go in
near the handgrips.

When the top cover is removed, you will see 4 large hex-head bolts
securing the handlebars to the steering head. Just loosen these
slightly and you can adjust the tilt of the bars to suit your
size/preference. Just make sure that you don't move them so far
forward that the mirrors hit the windshield in a full-lock turn.

There is about a total of 6-8" of adjustment possible.

Total time for the mechanically-challenged: about 15 minutes!

Ride safe!
Ron Kerlin
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I've got me a project now!
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Especially for us Arm length-challenged persons!
I'll give it a shot!!! :wink:
Here are some notes that were posted over on the Yahoo Group, Thanks Curtis:

"Curtis Rock"

I just adjusted my handlebars and considered it a simple 30 minute
process, thanks to the posts here. I adjusted so that the mirror stalks
were about 1/4" from the windshield edge at full rotate positions. Sad thing was that I couldn't get much adjustment out of the position it was at
previously. My knees are about 1 inch from the parking brake on tight turns, with my boots on. I am 6' 0" tall.

For your reference, I sat on my friend's Burgman 650 the other
day, and there is at least 6 inches from the lowest part of his handlebars
to my knees.

Following are a few notes on getting the handlebars to their
highest position. You need a 4mm allen wrench and a 6mm allen wrench. I have the allen wrench kit with rubber handgrip. It provides a nice support for hand torquing and doesn't get in the way, too much, when
removing/installing screws. The 4 mm wrench is for the 4 screws holding the top and bottom handlebar covers together.

As you remove the screws at the handgrip area, note the angle that the screw comes out at, so you know how to quickly align it on the way back in. The angle happens to be exactly 90 deg to the line made by the handgrip part of the handlebar.

Once you get the 4 screws off, unsnap the top and bottom covers
from each other and remove the top cover only.

Use the 6mm allen wrench to break loose the 4 handlebar screws.
While breaking loose, note the level of torque required to loosen them
so you know how to torque them later. For you purists, the service manual says 17 ft-lb torque on these screws.

Slightly loosen, but don't remove, the 4 screws, and the handlebar
will fall to its low position, which is ridiculously low. While keeping the
handlebar horizontally centered in the mounting clamp, turn the wheel to
it's far position and adjust the handlebar rotation so that the mirror
stalk comes close to, but doesn't touch, the windshield. Slightly tighten one of the clamp screws to hold the handlebar in position, and turn the wheel to the far opposite position and check mirror interference.

Note that the screws have an arrow pointing forward (to front of
bike). The arrow must point forward. There is no gap on the front part of
the mount, but there is supposed to be a gap on the back side of the mount. Tighten the front screws to 17 ft-lb., then tighten the back screws
(closest to seat) to 17 ft-lb.

Before snapping the top cover back on, not the alignment of the
bottom cover to the tab on the handlebar at the handgrip area. You will see it requires some pushing of the bottom cover to get the holes aligned. Decide how you need to push the bottom cover when installing that screw later.

Snap the covers together, then install the 4 remaining screws.

The next two steps can be done in any order. Have a beer to
celebrate, and test ride bike.

After my beer, I took a test ride. I noticed a
significant improvement in handlebar height, and eliminated any knee
hitting problems. I did several tight left U-turns in the
neighborhood and had zero problems hitting my knees. This
adjustment was definitely worth it. I think I'll take my allen
wrenches and adjust that Majesty I'm buying in Tulsa before I ride
it down to Dallas this weekend.

Curtis Rock/Dallas TX
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Hi Curtis,

I tried the other day to do what you suggested in this thread but could seem to separate the two halves covering the handlebars....they dont seem to want to separate on both sides. I was afraid of breaking something so I just put it back together... Is there a secret to getting the top half loose????
once you have both screws out on each side (4 screws total), the two halves just "snap" appart.

use a little screw driver or flat knife to sepperate the halves.

Thanks for that tip Jason, I'll certainly give it a try. I need the leg clearance 'cause I keep banging my knees on low speed turns when I forget to splay my legs out. Not to mention the fact that the knee banging always alters my line through the corner...I have been fortunate that I havent hit anything yet. At 6'4" and 240 lbs and 34" inseam, I am anything but small. The other problem is that my arms are somewhat short for my height. I am hoping that raising the bars will give me clearance for my legs and more comfortable reach for the bars. Once completed, I will post the results. Many thanks for your help!
Just adjusted....my left knee thanks you.

Does it really matter that the plastic cover rubs slightly with the dashboard plastic? Has anyone shaved the cover to prevent this?
I'm wondering if anyone else has feedback on this adjustment?
I made the adjustment today (again, I would have put pictures up but it still fails to know who I am on the gallery even after a second try at registering).

It seems mine came with it already close to top, but I was able to gain about 0.5" clearence for my knee but still wish I could get another inch or two.

The whole thing was pretty simple but then I had a torque wrench to confirm the right pressue on the bolts.
Makuna said:
I would have put pictures up but it still fails to know who I am on the gallery even after a second try at registering.
Your gallery account has been activated so you can now login and upload images.
You can see a series of photos I took while adjusting mine.

Please forgive the dust, the weather has not be good enough lately to wash it.

Nice pics, thanks!
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