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The Majesty, does it have a radiator fan or. . . .

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Does the Majesty have a radiator fan or is it cooled by air flowing over it at speed ? Mine is sitting out in my garage, and it's too cold to go out and check it out ! Has anyone had any problems of overheating ? If so, were you riding double or were you in a hard pull up a mountain ? I weigh less than 190 and ride alone so I'm hoping I won't encounter any overheating.

Pikeville, Kentucky
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I don't think it has a fan, but I won't swear to it. No trouble with overheating with mine, but it's never been hot when I rode it. I've had more trouble getting mine to come up to operating temp most of the time.

Well I've only had my Majesty for two months (as of yesterday) but have only put 1400 miles on it. Too chilly for me here to ride much. I'm anxious to ride during the heat of the summer and see if it overheats.

I just looked at my Majesty but can't tell, it's all built in. Too cold out there to dismantle it to see. Someone will read this thread and they'll have the answer.

Ride safe !

Pikeville, Kentucky
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Yes, the Majesty has a fan. It came on occasionally last summer when I was sitting at stoplights while riding in 98 degree weather.
It's pretty quiet and you might not hear it if there's a lot of ambient noise.
Thanks jiggslee.
You will actually hear the fan come on when you first turn the ignition key on the bike. :lol:
So THAT is what that noise is? :shock:
Actually I don't think that's the fan that comes on when you turn the key on. The fan is up front and sounds totally different. I think what you're hearing when you turn the key on is the fuel pump maybe? It's certainly not the fan. I've heard the fan, and that ain't it. Sorry.
Thanks jiggslee, Yep, I hear it when I first turn on the key as the turbine powers up ! ;-)

I guessed it must have a fan in order to keep it from melting down during a hot stop and go drive.

Pikeville, Kentucky
the noise at turn on, is the fuel pump priming the fuel injection system, and yes they do have a fan.

i was riding in 45 deg c (113 F) temp on new years day, and the engine temp never went over half way, even when stoped at lights.

jason, in oz
gpsnut2003 said:
i was riding in 45 deg c (113 F) temp on new years day, and the engine temp never went over half way, even when stopped at lights.
I look like a lobster :oops: in the 100-105 degF weather we get during Houston's summers. I can't imagine 10 degF more!
What do you do to stay cooled under your gear?

(Please say you DO wear gear......)
Gear¿ They don't need no stink'n gear! At 113F I'm driving naked or in the car with A/C!
Ouch ! No gear ??? That road rash is a beach !!!

Sometimes in the heat of the summer I gamble too, but by knees and elbows hurt just thinking about a HSD (high speed dismount) . . . . Ha ha.

However, I N-E-V-E-R ever ride without Helmet, gloves and shoes.

BTW today, it's raining but yesterday I enjoyed a short 35 mile "Scoot".

Pikeville, Kentucky
there's not much that you can do to cool down in that heat.

the shear sweat that was poaring off me, was enough (with my jacket unzipped about half way) was a little cooling, but even the wind was HOT !

i too have tempted fate by riding squid style a few times, but i dont feel comfortable while doing so, and as it's illegal here in oz, i would never ride without full face helmet. wouldnt ride without a helmet even if it were legal to do so.

gpsnut2003 said:
the noise at turn on, is the fuel pump priming the fuel injection system./quote]

I stand corrected... :oops:
During the summer here in southwest FL, I often use a Marsee cooling vest under my mesh jacket. Even on the hottest days, it keeps you cool for a couple of hours before rewetting it. I used it on a 3,000+ mile trip on my Majesty last summer, where a couple of the days had temps over 100. Still pretty comfy, but have to stop more often to rewet. (about every 150 miles) It would probably have been better to wear a non-mesh jacket with the cooling vest.
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