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The Majesty is such a thrill ride!!!

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I went out for a ride after work today. I have had my second Majesty for about two weeks now and had forgotten what a neat scoot it is. It is so nimble in traffic and quite the illusionist. I noticed that there are always people at red lights behind me with that "ohhh S**t I'm behind a slow scooter look." When I accelerate rapidly from traffic lights the look of relief appears!!!. Coming home on R.R.2222 I was playing "tag" with an Infiniti G35 Coupe. I was able to keep up with him and I think he was stunned! Are you people sure the Majesty really takes 10 seconds to 60 m.p.h?? I pulled up next to him at a red light and when it turned green, yes he pulled ahead but I was not far behind!!! He was trying!!!. I finally turned onto a backroad that leads to my house and low and behold in front of me is a Porsche Cayenne S. This back road is very curvy with quite a few switchbacks. Well whoever was driving gunned it, so I thought what the hell and gunned it too. Any guesses? Yeah I found myself braking to avoid running into the Cayenne!!! The Majesty is some sort of a wolf in sheeps clothing!! Sure it tops out at around 95 , but up to there what an awesome machine WOweeee!!! I think my adrenaline is still flowing!!! Viva La Majesty!!!!!!
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