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They can't tell who you are when you're wearing your gear

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My wife was riding her '05 grey Maj through downtown Sacramento last week. She wears a full-face helmet with a smoked visor, black Olympia jacket and pants, black gloves and boots. A guy in a sedan leaned out his window at a stoplight and asked, "I don't see a shifter, what is that?" Debbie says, "It's a scooter, it has an automatic transmission." As soon as she started to speak, the guys mouth dropped open, he sputters a bit, and does this unintentional Hank Hill impression, "Wha... you're a GIRL!" Debbie said she bust out laughing and almost fell off the bike right there. Then the light changed and she was able to roll on the throttle and was away.
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that's funny :D

i had the opposite experience many years ago.

when i had first started to ride, i had a suzuki TS 185 road / trail bike.
i had a gearsack rack and bag on the back of it, and would routinely go through my local Mcdonalds drive thru.

one time i went through in a car, and the girl at the window said "you're not riding today ?" she had not seen me before without my helmet on. i was blown away, as most people have no idea who's under all the protective gear !

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