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This is a great machine...

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Just rode down Loop 1604, past I-10, with my oldest daughter on the back... she's 20, about 110 in weight. I've had my Majesty for just over 3 months, with about 520 miles. I was thinking of selling it and getting a V Star or a M109R, but after this ride... this thing is amazing. We were cruising along, effortlessly, between 70-80MPH. At 80 MPH, this thing was still pulling along without any strain whatsoever... Talk about a smooth ride- handling around curves was nothing short of awesome, was rock-solid even in cross-winds, straight and true, with brakes that didn't fade at all. So quiet that we were able to talk through our helmet's face shields even at 75 MPH without yelling. I will NOT be selling or trading this machine- matter of fact, as soon as I finish this, I will be going on-line to order a top case! I'm interested to see if there are any riders out there, especially in San Antonio, who enjoy this thing as much as I do! How did Yamaha do it?? By the way, my neighbor and I are planning a small trip through Hill Country, here in San Antonio... anyone interested?

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Count me in ... the Majesty does very well in the twisties :D
I'll let you know about the Hill Country ride- it will most likely be early on a Saturday morning- meet up at Starbucks, head out from there, just a half-day ride, maybe more depending. Few other bikes, cruisers, sport, touring, and of course- Majestys!
I totally agree....having crashed one, I immediately bought another...the size, power and handling are so perfect that I'm completely happy!
When are we gonna ride?
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