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Throttle locks

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Anyone here ever install a throttle lock on their Majesty....I,ve been looking at the NEP throttle locks and it looks like it would fit and be fairly simple to do. I have a Vista cruise on my Suzuki C50T touring bike and they work great but there's no room on the Majesty to install.
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I use the little flip paddle...not a lock...it velcroes on. A great thing on long trips.
Only one that I've found that will fit, straight out of the box, is the ThrottleMeister (use the one for the Yammi FZ1). The Vistacruise can be made to work, but calls for modifying the unit (and drilling/using a self-tap screw). Others have used the "O" ring method, or a velcroed "Throttle Rocker" palm rest. The TM replaces the stock bar weighted ends, and includes all the hardware and goodies needed to work. Took me about 10 minutes to swap out the stock bar weights and install the TM unit (Heavy model for extra weight/vibe reduction).
I use the Throttle Rocker on my Maj.

Easy to put on in seconds easy to take off, adjustable.

Great for long trips with no wrist or hand fatigue.

2005 Yamaha Majesty 400
Keep cruise control. Costs about $1.75 and takes 5 secs to install. They also look rather appropriate and protect the handle bar ends. http://majestyusa.com/gallery/v/Hurkmaj/?g2_page=2

Ride safe all.
I have the Vista Cruise installed in my Majesty, works great.
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