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TMax comments

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i too sent a letter to yamaha about this. i currently have a 2005 Stella scooter with 2000 miles on it and love it and ride it everyday. Looking to add a maxi scoot so i can take longer rides and for highway driving. the only one that really grabs me is the TMax and i would buy one today if they were in the states. as it is i will wait a bit and try the kymco xciting 500 when it comes out this spring or summer. it looks and has the closest specs to the TMAx. i would rather buy the yamaha for it's better quality and looks, and may buy the majesty if the TMax doesn't show up in the states...but to me it seems a no brainer. the TMax is a big seller in europe. here in the states we have more highways and more of a need for maxiscoots than in europe. yamaha would not have to put money into designing a new vechicle...just bring an already finished product to a waiting market....sigh

love the 2006 Black Max...don't like waiting for something i really really want....especially don't like knowing that it likely won't ever be availible to buy in our country...heck this is America, the land of capitalism and consumerism...we want lots of choices....

Yamaha help me spend my money

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thegelding said:

now who wouldn't want one of these??

I would buy one and wouldn't change a thing on her (except maybee a taller wind shield). That's a gorgeous bike! Best looking maxi scoot on earth, period. :lol: YAMAHA, BRING THIS HERE ASAP. YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!
I'd buy one if they were available but they're not. This spring I'll be looking at the lesser quality and featured, but as good looking Xciting 500 from Kymco. Like other people will. Too bad Yamaha.

yep, closest looking to the TMax of all the maxi scoots...well priced and kymco is getting a good rep for reliablity...

no fuel injection (has a carb), but linked brakes...same size as the TMax but likely not quite as fast...and bigger cvt unit on the side...much prefer the TMax, but the xciting is likely my second choice...when it comes out i will test drive it and the majesty and make my choice...leaning to the xciting for it's engine size and looks (especially the passenger pegs vs molded floor for passangers) and because i am slightly peeved about there not being a TMax available here...don't want to reinforce to yamaha that all america wants is the majesty...at the same time, if i like the majesty's ride more than the xciting, well i ain't gonna shoot myself in the foot over it...but i hear the xciting rides very nice and it is getting good reviews

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I'd buy one!!!!!!!!

Come on Yamaha indulge the USA... :wink:

Wonder if it would be possible to buy one abroad and have it shipped to the USA???
i asked yamaha that, they recommended against it...of course they also recommended the majesty...told them maybe, but likely would buy the xciting 500 instead if the tmax isn't available...don't think they cared, but still i hope

If Kymco had ever gotten their bike here I very likely would
have bought that instead of my Majesty but I finally gave up
on it ever getting here. The price is about the same & the
1/2 liter size is just about exactly what I wanted. The only
shortcomming is the small gas tank but I had decided I could
live with that. I also gave strong consideration to the Italian
scooters but there are no dealers nearby & their factory
support has a terrible reputation.
found this post at:

[email protected]

For those of you interested in seeing the Yamaha T-Max maxi scooter for sale in the USA,
give Yamaha's customer relations department a call and tell them you'd like to see it for
sale here. 1-800-962-7926. I just spoke with a product specialist and they do listen. I was
told that a number of models over the years have been brought to the USA because of
customer demand. So have at it.....................

the poster, sliphorn, is a good guy...but my talk to yamaha previously seemed to go in one ear and out the other...but i will call again and perhaps get a better person on the line

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if you call, ask for a product specialist....

I would buy a T-Max in a heart beat if they were available here in the U.S. I am also looking at the Kymco Xciting 500. I understand they will not be available until later this spring or early summer here in the states. The local Kymco dealer has me on his "first to get one list". Sadly, the Majesty will have to go when the Kymco arrives.

2005 Majesty (the faster blue model) :lol:
make sure you test ride before you trade that majesty in...the kymco seems great, but you might not notice a big change from the majesty...the majesty is also fuel injected vs a carb for the kymco...

i am seriously looking into having a black max shipped from spain (spain prices seem lower than england or ireland for the black max)...

i would buy either a black max or tmax tomorrow if yamaha had them here...as it is, i will wait to test out the kymco...if it steals my heart i will buy it...if not, i will see how much shipping is from europe on the black max and report back here

I'm never doing carbs again.

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