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Top Case Question

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I'm looking at purchasing the Yamaha top case for my Majesty. My question is- does it come with lights on the back, operated by the Majesty's brake lights? Or is it just reflectors? Does it have a passenger back rest? I like the lower profile of this one over the Givi one... any comments? Thanks!

Converse, Texas
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Afraid its reflectors only, and the back rest has to be purchased seperately.
if you go with the Yamaha accessories, you are assured of a good fit and that everything will work. But the downside is that you have to buy each little part separately and the total cost rolls up to something like $400.00 ....that gives you functioning lights, a passenger backrest, and a good sized top box. Seems like a h*** of a lot of money for what it is. So I took the cheap way out and did something different. If you go to ebay, they sell top boxes there for about 140 bucks including shipping that have functioning lights. They look from the back like a miniature Mercedes sedan. The trick is that they do not include mounting hardware to attach to a Majesty. You could buy the Yamaha mounting bracket and fabricate what you need to marry the box and bracket together. The 'official' bracket is like $90 or thereabouts. Or you can go to a custom bike shop and get them to make you a basic mounting bracket like I did. Cost was $35.00 total. I now have to wire it up which will take a Saturday morning and my total investment is less than 1/2 of the factory solution. What do I give up with this choice. The mounting hardware is not as pretty and it does not allow for quick detachment of the box. Also the box is probably not waterproof. I feel sure it would leak in a really hard downpour or a really long ride in the rain. But for what I need the box for, it is adequate and saved me significant dollars.
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There is another solution to the top box. Cosmopolitan motors in Hatfielld, PA sells a topbox made by Shad. They import them directly from China so the price is half of the others.

On most models, they include the mounting bracket. Some have lights and some just reflectors. They sell from small to large sizes.
I have a leather covered one that is awesome but it is smaller because I have it on my 150.

Two people in my club have the larger sizes which are comparible to the 46 and 52. They are a nice case and mount and dismount just like the Givi. I can vouch that they are totally waterproof. Have been stuck in a driving rain. I also fit two file boxes with 100 file folders in each on top of each other in the small case. It holds quite a bit.

Their web site is www.cosmotor.com or it would actually be better to call them at 215-672-9100. There is a picture on the web site under accessories, but they do not show all the boxes. You cannot also order from their website, but I'm sure they could fax you a copy of all their models because they are still setting up their website.

You won't be sorry you called them. They also have a bracket that will fit the majesty.
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Just a further note on the topcases from Cosmopolitan motors. I just called them about a box for my majesty because I'm heading out on a week long trip.

Turns up their new web site will be running in a week so it should be easier to order. Also if you call, just ask for Kris because she knows all the specifics and mounting brackets which will fit different scooters.
She can also tell you anything else you want to know.
Thanks for the info Pamb...if I replace my current box I will definitely look into the Shad case...not bad looking and from what you said, much the same quality as the high priced spread. Having a nicely built strong bracket for mounting the case, particularly if the price was reasonable, would be helpful too. For the way I use mine, being able to detach the case isnt a requirement. If I was doing lots of overnight road trips and wanted to be able to take the box into a hotel room, that would be a deal breaker for my current setup. But as I am new to the sport, multi-day trips are just dreams right now. Maybe in a year or so, I'll be ready for that.
the yamaha top case only comes in flat black, it is 44 liters. There are no lights. You can get a backrest pad for an extra $35. The top case and mount will run $266.

For about the same money you can get a GIVI V46, which is 46 liters, has interchangable lids that can be color matched to your majesty, has an available soft or hard back rest pad, top luggage rack, brake light kit, and inner liner bag. try twisted throttle . com
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