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Touring windshield for Majesty

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Does anyone have the Yamaha touring windshield for the Majesty and how do you like it. I am trying to decide between it or the Givi. I have heard that the Givi windshield scratches very easily though. I is too bad that Yamaha makes such a nice scooter but puts such a terrible windshield on it!!!
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I have the Givi and it works great. I think it's a little taller than the yamaha touring shield you describe. To protect mine from scratches, I spray both sides (and all the plastic on the bike) with lemon Pledge furniture polish. I then wipe the shiled (and the bike) down with a scratch free cotton towel. THIS REALLY WORKS WELL at protecting everything from scratches and excessive dust too!!!

God bless.
If every Maj owner would keep pestering Clearview, maybe they'd hurry up on coming out with one for us. I think they're better quality than Givi.

I think the windshield is there to ruin our hearing.

The bike kicks @@@ but the shield has got to go, its makes the ride LOUD. I have owned many bikes with shields but this one sucks big time.
Thankyou Willy Mo for your reply - I appreciate it! Also, Calgary2800, did you mean the stock windsreen or the touring windscreen?
Thank you
The stock windshield is what I meant, Yamaha should have built a more slanted one stock to prevent annoying wind buffeting that is the only beef I have with the Majesty. For reference I am 5 feet 6 30 inseam.

I am not sure what product I will buy, liminar lip or givei shield to help yet.
I E-Mailed Clearview some time ago asking if they would have a
windshield for the Majesty. They replied that they were considering it
but gave no time schedule. It is possible thay more requests would
be helpful. I saw a Clearview screen last Satuday & I got the impression
that it was better than my Givi. The Givi flexes too much at anything
over 70 MPH indicated.
Strange thing is how low we think the screen is. I just rode my old
motorcycle & the windshield I have on that is even lower & narrower
than the stock Majesty screen & it never bothered me that much.
With the previous post in mind.
Has anyone here ever cut down their stock shield to provide clean airflow?
How did it work?
It would be interesting to place a Majesty in a wind tunnel with an anthropometric dummy sized to a US male and see the airflow over the windscreen. Personally, I think Yamaha had a slight "mis-design" on the windscreen, making the airflow clobber the average-sized US person in the head & face rather than go up and over. They probably designed & tested the screen for the shorter Japanese stature. :roll:
I E-Mailed Clearview some time ago asking if they would have a
windshield for the Majesty. They replied that they were considering it
but gave no time schedule. It is possible thay more requests would
be helpful.
can someone please provide a website or email address for clearview ?


can someone please provide a website or email address for clearview ?


Just bought a 2005 that came with the Laminar Lip and it really keeps the wind off. Rode it last night and it didn't blow my cap off.
I'm happy with my Givi windshield. I also added Saeng microswirl edging to the top to give the wind blast a couple of inches more kick upward.

Saeng also make some pretty sophisticated [ and expensive] wings and mirrors for a touring windshield.

Since I use an open faced helmet with a shield, the wind thing was not really a problem...instead, I was trying to see if moving the airstream upward would lessen the wind noise at 40+mph. This may have been the wrong approach, so I stopped with the windshield and the edging. I use Plexus cleaner for all clear plastic, by the bye.

The noise problem has really been irritating, and I've gone through several good earplug types in dealing with it. This season, I've ordered custom maximum earmolds taken from impressions of my ears. I'm hoping that this lowers the wind noise so that it is not as much of a distraction, and a long term danger to hearing.
My avatar is actually from the Yamaha Japan website -- I imagine the person depicted is Japanese.

I really dislike the NOISE generated by the stock windshield -- because I'm afraid for my hearing. I will use earplugs, but is there no windshield, lip solution that eliminates the noise?

What about a noise cancelling helmet?
Well, I guess I am the lucky one here. Coming from a background of mostly sport bikes and dual purpose, the Majesty wind protection is perfect for me. I am 5'8" and although I feel some buffeting every once in a while, I mostly feel like the shield works fine. I guess I would have to experience a better one first in order to understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, I dont know anyone who rides a bike with a big shield.
I'm on the other spectrum, texascycle... I'm 6'4" and get whupped pretty hard up there on highway. I pulled off my butt bumper and can 'crouch' better behind the shield, but would pay this week if I knew who had the bigger, better shield. Anyone actually buy the Yama' touring shield? Dimensions? web says 4.5 inches longer than stock... what about Givi?
I don't know ... I am kind of mixed up on this. I realize that there is comfort in wind protection, but it is not a car after all. I was riding a bit today and it was a bit windy ... I started wondering if I would prefer a bigger windshield, but eventually I came to the conclusion that I like it just the way it is. I realize being 6 foot plus can be a much different experience, but again, I ride for the freedom of getting out of the cage and the wind lets me know I am.
Having destroyed my Majesty in a collision with a deer [ see Road Stories], I'm about to start over.

I've had great luck with the Givi touring windscreen [ I'm 6-2"]...this time I may try the Yamaha touring model.

On top of that will go the Saeng microswirl edging. Eventually, I'd like to try the Saeng Winglets adjustable top wing, with the quick-check mirror option.

Oh, with custom earmolds the wind noise is still noticeable, but less.
I have exchanged an email with Clearview's marketing person and indicated that I was interested in a shield for my Majesty and he said they are not currently producing one, but are considering developing one. I told him to put me on the list of people who would buy if they make one. I would suggest that everyone that is interested do the same. Eventually the list gets long enough they will start development.

Hotshoe Tom
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