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Trading up from Kymco P150 to Majesty

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I currently ride a Kymco People 150. This has been a terrific bike in every respect -- faultless for what it is.

I'm considering a larger, faster bike now, and I'm curious if anyone can give me an idea of what I can expect as the major differences in three areas:

1) ride
2) handling
3) maintenance

I've sat on a Majesty at the DC Bike Show, have a clear idea of the features -- and the mileage (which seems to range mostly from 50-60).

I'm having a harder time assimilating what I'd be 'in for' in terms of especially ride and handling.

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I think you will really love the Majesty, in particular its handling. Even though it is a bigger scoot than the People 150, I think you will find it very stable, yet nimble in a satisfying way. The best way I can describe it is that it feels as if you are on a big bike, but turns in quickly like a nimble one. The ride is quite smooth and somethings feels like it is just floating along ... I call it my magic carpet. Maintenance is very little and probably on par with the Kymco, except valve-checks are only 26,500 miles on the Majesty.
I moved up from a Yamaha Vino 125 to a 2005 Majesty (the faster blue model). I had the 600 mile check done today - $118,00. I love the scooter. It has more than enough power and is very easy to maintain. The air and CVT filters are easy to acesss and the valves do not have to be adjusted until 26,500 miles. The ride is excellent - the only thing I do not like about the Majesty is the windscreen. I plan to install a Givi.

2005 Majesty :lol:
I enjoy my Majesty a whole lot. In 3 months I have only been able to put 800 miles on it due to work, weather, and well mainly weather. But come spring, summer I am going to take to work.

You will enjoy the quiet, easy use of the Majesty. Low mainteance , cheap on everything from gas to insurance. And it handles like a toy compared to some big bikes I've owned-zx9 and zrx1200. I dont miss my old rides one bit.
Speaking of windscreen. I am fine with it now. It took some time to adjust to the less aerodyanmic flow compared to a sportbike screen but now its does not bother me at all.

I really have no request from this scooter. Its feels light, the center of gravity is perfect and it can do it all.

You should go to this site and ask "Ron". He posts alot there and has had a couple of People scooters and he has 2 Majesty's now. He also writes for Scooter Rider Magazine. I'm posting this, not to take people away from this site, but because you are asking and he could explain the things you want explained. He may also be on this site too but I don't know his username here.


I just got back from a nice long ride in the rain ... this thing is nice! It is a joy to ride anytime, anywhere. I don't know what else to say except you will enjoy it.
Thanks everyone for the tips. I've found an 05 for $5050 otd... seems like a fairly good price... and in my first color choice, Charcoal Gray
5 grand otd. Highway robbery!!! :D
The worst/best thing my dealer did, when I buzzed in on my Zuma, is to hand me the keys to the Majesty and say, "Why don't you take this for a ride?" Oh, Yes. :king:
Well, I did it. I picked up the 05 Charcoal this past Saturday. I've got to get all my papers in order and I'm signed up for the MSF class on April 7th... after that I'm riding a Maj!
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