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Trouble light.

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I went out for breakfast this morning & when I was getting ready to come home the trouble light didn't go out before I started the bike or when I started it. I checked the oil & that was OK so I started the bike again &
after I rode a short way the light finally went out.
I would guess that it was probably some electrical glitch but it causes me some concern. I would hate to be a long way from home & have that happen. I will take the bike to the dealer on tuesday to see if anything shows up but this makes me worry about taking a long trip.
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I've never heard about anything like that with the Majesty, it seems to be a rock solid machine. I don't know if these modern bikes use anything like OBD II engine diagnostic systems that is used on cars, but if they do it should be quite easy to trouble shoot. I can understand your concern, and I hope it's nothing to worry about.
just today i had simular problem..gages went all crazy on and off as i was riding,,I got home shut it off..Them try to restart..it started up but when i give it some gas all circuits shut down..now it wont start..Dealer is picking mine up on tuesday as well..
On my other motorcycle I had a similar problem. Dealer told me to disconnect the battery for 5 mins then reattach it. If there is still a problem, the light will come back, if it was a quick fluke, light will remain out.
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