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Tweaked out back break

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Last night,
an aquaintence of mine from the local StarBucks sat on my scooter.

I figured it would be a good time to eyeball the back tire while someone put some normal weight on it.

Just to see if it was a bit low and buldging out at all.

I cant see what my back end looks like when I am sitting on it.

I decided it looked okay and ask the guy to go ahead and put the bike on the center stand for me.

Big Mistake.

I made the assumption, he knew what he was doing.

What he did was squeeze the back break caliper, while proceeding to step full weight on the center stand to engage it.

If the break is being locked up,
The center stand is going to put the pressure on the break when its being pushed to the ground, stoping it from rolling back to engage itself.

I think he may have bent the disc, tweaked the the pads, or maybe a little bit of both.

Moral of the story.
Dont let that dude near my bike ever again.
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YIKES!! What a bummer-- Did the guy even realise what he did and offer to pay?? :roll:
You do know why he did that, right? Cuz that's where the clutch lever ought to be, and it is normal to squeeze the clutch when putting a normal bike on its centrestand.

Bummer. I hope he offers to cover the expense. But it is understandable.
Its at the dealership now, which in and of its self may or may not turn out to be a whole ordeal in and of itself.

Sometimes they're right on, others times they're full of it.

I didnt even realise what had happened until I left the parking lot and heard the bump, bump, bump, of the back tire.

Bummer is right!

How ironic, last week I just rode the thing 800 miles round trip to Yosemite Park, droppped it off a truck, It still ran like a charm, and now it ends up in the shop cause somebody crunched my break lever.

I didnt even tell the guy about it.
I don't know what's damaged, but... I can't imagine the small amount of force, a mortal could apply, damaging the brakes. Please let us know. Interesting¿
glennd said:
I don't know what's damaged, but... I can't imagine the small amount of force, a mortal could apply, damaging the brakes. Please let us know. Interesting¿
I was thinking the same thing.

It might be a combination of having been dropped and the forces applied when the brakes were applied whilst placing it on the centre stand. It also may have bent or cracked the axel or rear tyre mount, thus creating the rubbing noise.

Just an idea...
No disc break damage.

Just a tweaked caliper and an oversized valve stem cover slightly grazing the back case as it spun by.

Looks like the break assembly was apparently dusty and dirty.
This also adding to some of the creeking and scraping coming from the back end.

The guys at the dealership had a thorough go through of the bike and conclude its now in optimal running condition.

This morning I changed the transmission oil and the two air intake filters.

Its running fantastic now.

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OUTSTANDING!! Glad to hear there wasn't any "real" damage-- just a lesson learned. ;)
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