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Two Wheel Touring - Maxiscooter Accessories and Apparel

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Two Wheel Touring is an online accessories dealer that specializes in items for riders of touring class scooters, like the Yamaha Majesty. For example, they carry shirts and hats which can be ordered with the Majesty embroidered on it.

I'm not personally affiliated with this business, though I am a friend of the owner, Ian, and he is a member of our local riding group. Ian is a great guy who really loves touring on his maxiscooter and wants others to find what they want to make touring more fun.

The Majesty, being fairly new to the U.S., he does not yet have a lot of specialty items for it. However, Ian is working on getting touring windshields, chrome rails, and other items for Yamaha maxiscooters. If you're interested is such things, you can join his mailing list for updates of new products or just stop by the website from time to time to check it out.

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