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unexpected would-be passenger!

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thought id share these pictures with everyone here.

i went to my parents place for a little ride this weekend.they live about 140mi away.

once i got there, i opened the topcase to unpack some stuff. having my hands full, i left the case open and went inside the house.

in the 30 seconds that i was inside, my mothers 16 year old cat decided that she would claim the trunk as her own. i took the oportunity to get these pictures with my new cell phone.


both pictures have been reduced in size by about half of their original resolution for file size reasons.
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Is that a Maine Coone.... very cool looking wise old cat.
Damn, your new cell phone takes excellent pictures!

So, is the cat staying, or going?
As a cat owner for many years, I know how they love to jump into just about anything. Especially something new. Great pics. My wife loved it.
she's just a mixture. i picked her up by the roadside all those years ago, and took her home to mum. she was about 3 weeks old when i found her and her sister. unfortunatly, the other one died a number of years ago.

the two of them had been dumped by a very busy highway, and it was only a matter of time before they came to greif, so i took them both to mums, and she took them in.

the phone is a nokia N70. it has a 2 MP camera in it. that's why the pics look good. their original res is 1600 x 1200 pixels.

That's a great pic...thanks for sharing !
Some years back I used to be a motorcycle courier (parcels, not drugs), the depot also ran a van fleet. There were so many cats found in the back of vans on return to depot, hardly any wore I.D. tags so they ended up in the local cats home.
My wife and I once adopted a cat, a Maine Coone, at the local SPCA that had been found in the back of a moving van that arrived from Tulas, OK.

We named the big guy Tulsa -- he was a most excellent cat.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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