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Any other riders from the Albany area? Just picked up the majesty in April and have about 1300 miles already. Great bike. Spotted another '06 maj getting on the thruway at exit 24. Any other scooter folks in the area who want to get out and ride send me a message!!
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Hello from Niskayuna........ Got my red 06 Majesty from Phibb's Power Sports in March. Have 1720 miles so far. Just put 226 on this afternoon to Ticonderoga area and back. Love the crap out of it! Had an 2002 Aprilia Scarabeo 150 before that. I'm 57 years old and retired, and only got my license last May through the MSF program. No that wasn't me at exit 24 but i did recently apply for an E-Z Pass.............
So........what's your story??
Wow... people do read these posts!! Retired at 57, that would be nice. Twenty more years to go!! Bought the scoot on April 12th and have toured all of Schenectady county, a good part of Albany county, and took a few rides to Saratoga. Haven't gone as far as Ticonderoga though. It's a great ride, you have to love it. Bundled up on 30 degree mornings for the morning ride to work, no problem. Stuffed more groceries into that seat than I ever thought would fit and have been stopped by more people than I care to mention asking about the scooter, thats always fun. Purchased mine from Menettos in Clifton Park. Read about the 'burgs and maj' on the internet and happened to be in the area so I stopped in. Next thing you know I'm trying to explain to my wife why there's a scooter parked in the garage!! I see several other scooters in my travels but the '06 majesty is rare. Hopefully Yamaha will change colors each year. Lets meet up sometime, Jumping Jacks?
Hey Vivadude, was that you heading up broadway (just before noon, 7/18/06) on your '06 majesty? If not, I'd be interested to find out who it was!! First sighting of another majesty in Schenectady.
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