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V Belt Change

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Has anyone already had the belt changed out? If so, was it done by a dealer or with some elbow grease? If dealer, what was the cost? What mileage was it changed and how did it look?
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I had my V Belt changed by the Yamaha dealer using a Yamaha belt ( A kevlar belt will cut into the flywheel) I changed the belt at 12500 miles and the belt ooked ok on the outside but the internal fibers are what wears out and you do nto see them . However I did notice a difference in shifting performance when the new belt was installed. It cost me 300.00 for parts and labor to get it done BUT I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and labor rates here are VERY expensive. Yamaha dealer in Berkely CA is 115.00 per hour . Berkeley Yamaha Dealer I have to admit does a very thorough job on all its repairs and services. I do most of my services but leave the major jobs to the dealer. Some people are saying to replace the belt using a Kevlar belt but I have personally seen what can happen to the aluminum and stell on the flywheel as the Kevlar leaves scoring and deep scratching on the expensive parts. Yes the belt may last longer but the flywheel will not Dr Dave
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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