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Vespa/Piaggio Canada

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I stopped by the Vespa Canada website today, lo and behold there's a bunch of action happening. First of all there's two new dealerships listed for British Columbia (Kamloops and Kelowna, bringing the total to four) which is nothing but good. Next is the announcement that Canada is getting the new Vespa GTS250, Piaggio BV250 and 500 as well as the Piaggio Fly150.
This is great news for the Canadian scooter market in general. Things are really starting to gain momentum now. If growth like this keeps happening who knows what will land on our shores next?????
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I noticed that the previous Vespa dealer in Winnipeg has been dropped, and a new dealership opened. Many complaints (including my own) about the previous dealer were posted at the Scootering Manitoba forum. I also wrote to Vespa Canada to complain about the treatment I received when I visited the dealer to get info about the GT200 (a model I was considering before deciding on the Majesty).

With a list price only $500CDN less than a Majesty, I wonder how well the new GT250 will sell in Canada. I suppose the smaller and lighter GT250 will appeal more to someone who does mostly urban riding.
It's too bad about certain dealers giving Vespa a bad reputaion. I've seen it first hand as well and can only hope that the bad ones will continue to be weeded out.

I think the GTS250 will do alright over here. From what I've read it doesn't have much if anything in top speed over the GT 200 but it does have more torque for two-up riding or steep terrain. Of course machines in the 200cc-250cc class are definitely geared for urban use.
I test rode a GT200 and found it to be an extremely competant machine. I would love to have one.
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